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    This song sounds familiar

    I was just checking out a cracked article (which is a humor site, not advertising or anything) and I came across this youtube song/video in an article. Now if you check it out from 20 secs til about 1:20 it sounds very familiar, guitar interlude. This song sounds familiar from Privateer but...
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    reddit with Clive Owen

    Not a big news story, but saw this recently over at reddit, not too much of a story but Privateer 2 was a question. *start Q: Welcome to Reddit! How was your experience with acting in the game Privateer 2: The Darkening? A: It was one of the first ever video games to do that I remember - they...
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    A list of Privateer gun stats

    I was curious about the gun stats so I googled them and figured it would be something off here. Ran into a link to a site that had some pretty interesting statistics. Even claiming the ones on wcnews were wrong, so I thought I'd post them here for anyone else to see/critique...
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    Wing Commander Redux (IGN Story)

    IGN is running an article all about Wing Commander. Interesting read.. If this has been mentioned my apologies.
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    Wonder why this mod isn't listed on fan projects

    Hi, I just stumbled across this Privateer Mod.. but never have heard of it/seen it listed on this site.. Any information why?
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    Great Work

    I finally got a chance to sit down and play through the first two WC Standoff Episodes, and I was impressed by the level of effort that went into the character development, one of the core aspects to any good game(Particularly a WC game). I was wondering how far the parallels to Fleet Action...
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    For those of you that have not found this great program, there may be some, I am not sure. But it works well with Wing Commander 1-3, full music and speech, Privateer works well. Armada works well. Sadly Strike Commander doesn't work.
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    Idea for side-story

    It would be amusing to do a version of the game following Maniac's life and seeing all his mishaps with squadrons and not following orders and all the shit he caused while Blair wasn't directly involved with him. Or one following Tolwyn and Bondarevsky. And the missions from Vance Richards that...