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  1. Zor Prime

    Introducing the Wing Commander Facebook Group

    Finally got around to creating a Wing Commander Facebook group. Anyone can join. Name: Wing Commander Combat Information Center URL: Have fun and be merry!
  2. Zor Prime

    Thoughts on Prophecy Advance...

    Well, I bought Prophecy right after it came off the truck at my local gamestop today, and read the instruction book while I sped home. So far to me, the game is amazing for a GBA port. I'm higly impressed with the quality that they were able to port to the handheld, and with a GBA:SP you can...
  3. Zor Prime

    A call for Eisen voice files.

    A call for Eisen voice files. Ok here's the deal: I'm Re-writing the original WC3 mission where the Behemoth is destroyed for the FS2 Mod. The only thing that it is laking now is all the comms from the Victory to Blair, and Thrakath to Blair. I desperately need these voice files to make...
  4. Zor Prime

    Freespace 2 TC Ships Pack

    Does anyone know where I can get the FS2 ships pack from the Freespace 2 TC mod?
  5. Zor Prime

    New WCP:GBA Pic

    Raylight has added a WCP pic to their Blue Roses site that they just updated. Go here to see it: It's at the very bottom. Enjoy!!:)
  6. Zor Prime

    Freelancer maybe?

    Thought this looked interesting. Dont know if anyone else has seen it yet. *Supposedly* it ships 4-1-03.........who wants to place bets?
  7. Zor Prime

    PC Gamer

    Dont know if this ever got reported or not, but in the 100th issue if PC Gamer, WC3 made it on to the 10 highest rated PC Games list of all time with a score of 96.
  8. Zor Prime


    I thought that this was a very interesting auction. I don't think I've ever seen this much WC stuff in one auction before!!
  9. Zor Prime


    Well, as the News on the CIC says, Freelancer may be finally here! And here is a link that should be very useful to most of you!
  10. Zor Prime

    America Attacked

    Today america was mass attacked by terrorists. BOTH world trade towers have been destroyed. A plane was crashed into each. The pentagon had a plane crashed into it too. And planes are supposedly going down all over the west coast. Today is a very bad day for us Americans.
  11. Zor Prime

    SNES Wc1 - Secret missions

    Does anybody know how much the add on to WC1 for super nintendo is worth? Perhaps Loaf would know. Also, how rare is it?
  12. Zor Prime

    Our boy Blair.......

    Well it seems Mark Hamill was in another movie. Jay and Silent Bob Strike back. He plays a guy called cockknocker or something like it. He has a big 'lightsaber duel' with jay towards the end. His 'sister' Carrie Fisher is in it too. I think he's hurtin for another WC...
  13. Zor Prime

    WC4 Movie Ripping Stuff!!!!

    OK OK OK....Don't get too excited yet. Before I post this package, I have a legal question to ask. Loaf could probably answer this. Would it be legal to include xanmovie with this package?
  14. Zor Prime


    Well, lets condense it to one thread. So here you go. Throw the insults away. ps- I don't expect this thread to stay open very long, so have fun while you can!;)
  15. Zor Prime

    All your base.......

    Ok, things are getting out of hand. I live in the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex in Texas. Yesterday on Fox4 news, a special was run on the phrase: "All your base are belong to us." The entire opening sequence to the game was shown. It has now become more popular than the budweiser Waasuup guys...
  16. Zor Prime

    WCIV Video

    I am currently in the process of ripping the cutscenes to WC4 right now, and I was wondering if anyone else has ever tried this, and if so, what kind of luck did you have?
  17. Zor Prime

    Rippage of WCIV Movies

    I couldn't decide whether or not to put this in this forum, or the tech support forum. I chose this one. Anyway.... Last night, I got bored. So, I decided to see if I could isolate and extract the WCIV cutscenes. Using HCL's tre2list thingy, I was able to rip about 280 mb worth of movies...
  18. Zor Prime

    Wing Commander 4 movie branches....

    I have a question. In Wing Commander 4, when you have to destroy the lexington so that the intrepid can escape, you have two ways of doing this. one: destroy the lexington. two: leech the lexington w/ a bunch of leech missles. depending on which you do, you will get a slightly...
  19. Zor Prime

    Wing Commander Audio CD's!!!

    Some people have asked to see the cases for my WC audio cds. So, here they are: I made some pictures of the CD's and their cases this morning. I was only able to do the WC1, WC2, and the Compilation one's because my WC4 cd is at work...
  20. Zor Prime

    New Ships....

    I don't know what kind of response this will get, but I'm interested enough to see. If you were hired to create a new ship for a wing commander game, (any game) what type of ship would you make? what weapons would you put on it. how manueverable would it be? what generation technology would...