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  1. delMar

    Wing nuts from Gdansk, Poland?

    Hey I know that some of you come from Poland. I'll be visiting Gdansk for a business trip this week. So, just in case anyone is interested in having a beer or two and an educated conversation on Wing Commander, let me know. I can't promise that I'll find the time but at least I can try to...
  2. delMar

    WC2 Cinematics reverse-engineering thread

    Just a space for collecting any findings. Anyone looking for more condensed information might want to prefer the thread over here: INCIDENT.S00 SceneGroup/ScriptGroup: <SceneGroup> <ScriptGroup>...
  3. delMar

    Ship rotations in pre-3D

    Creating this thread as a spin-off to @UnnamedCharacter's Adventures in Explorations: WC1 Edition here: Also, attaching the images in question. right. I see that we can do anything with 37 images. But I...
  4. delMar

    Wing Commander Tactical Ops

    Hi, quick question: any link or resource related to Wing Commander Tactical Ops seems to be offline. Is there some other place where all these things can be found? Or does someone have the downloads still? Thanks
  5. delMar

    Wing 3 got a mention for it's unmatched texture quality

    German game magazine GameStar hosts a series called "3D graphics through the ages". After Ultima Underworld (1992) and Doom (1993), Wing Commander 3 (1994) is the third game mentioned there: Besides a...
  6. delMar

    OT: Visiting Seattle

    Hey wingnuts, I'll be doing a business trip to Seattle the first week of June. I'd be more than glad if some locals could give me some recommendations about what's worth visiting. So far, only the Space Needle is on my list. I will have probably a day and a half to spend. Thanks a lot!
  7. delMar

    Music, games, and how they play with your brain

    One for the archives: Wing Commander gets a very small mention in this post:
  8. delMar

    Meeting for a coffee?

    Hey wingnuts, I'll be on a business trip to the US from May 18th to May 30th. If anyone of you is anywhere near, I'd really be glad if we found the time to grab a coffee together. My locations are (roughly): Boston from 18th - 22nd New York from 22nd - 25th Bay Area from 25th - 29th I can't...
  9. delMar

    Preserving Modding Tools

    Hi, heavily inspired by other threads here on the forums, I decided to try to persist any modding info that's available on Wing Commander games. This will consist of two things: Preserving the documentation of game data files (contents, structure, ...) Preserving source code of already...
  10. delMar

    WC1 Demo including Source Code ???

    I just downloaded the WC1 demo from here: I haven't played it yet, but in I found a file called brains.c And it is what the file extension promised: a source file. The comment at the start of the file says NPC PILOT...
  11. delMar

    Wing Commander: Covert Missions (was: SM 1.5 (Working Title))

    Updates: [2015-03-28] - v0.1.4: added "Start Covert Missions" image [2015-03-26] - v0.1.3: fixed bug where game would crash at the bar [2015-03-24] - v0.1.1: added generic "Buy more games like Wing Commander 2" phonetic texts and added script files for automated installation / deinstallation of...
  12. delMar

    WC Workshop Online

    Hi, I finally was able to publish the current state of my editor, which is called WC-Workshop. You can find it here: I'm looking forward to your feedback, both about the application itself and about some newly discovered resource...
  13. delMar

    WC1 turned inside out

    Hi, as recently mentioned in another thread, I'm currently taking a deeper look at the WC1 data files. I want to use this thread to post some information which was not available in such a cohesive way before. First things first: Kudos go to HCl and ZOmegaZ for digging deep into the data files...
  14. delMar

    WC1 .000 Files

    Hi fellow wingnuts, the last few days I have tried to gather all available information on the .000 files of WC1. I have found some great stuff here in the CIC's file section and on various other sites. Unfortunately, quite some links provided here in older threads are not available anymore...