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    Oooh! HL2 space mod
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    WC3 End Titles music

    Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a MIDI file of the end titles music from WC3? I know its basically the same as the one of the inflight pieces later in the game, but it has a different ending I'd like to take a look at. I guess unless its playing a compressed wave file it has to be...
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    The Future is Coming
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    Nasa sued for damaging comet. HAHAHAHAHA Ed
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    Double Ended!!!

    Double ended guitar that is! :p
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    New SFX for Freya scene.

    I did this to test how difficult it would be to add sound effects to cutscenes like the one below. Hope it entertains. Thanks has to go out to AD for those PSX ripped sound effects, they were very usefull. And also Eisen for helping...
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    Hawk in Murder She Wrote

    Right now on UK Tv. :p Ed
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    Heart of the Tiger Novel.

    I thought Id move this because I liked that Maniac thread. :) If you are going to quote me at least be accurate! I didnt say "ever". I was refering to the novel. In context it was cheezy. Did they say that in Wing 1 or 2? Yes or no? They sure didnt say it in 3 onwards. I havent even seen a...
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    Best General MIDI ever

    For anyone interested in music software. Quantum Leap Colossus. GM compatible! I wish this was around 5 years ago, it sounds awsome! Hope this goes on educational discount too, so I can get 50% off (when I get some more...
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    For composers.

    For Composers Check this baby out!! :D Quicktime Format. Nick Phoenix demonstrates EWQLS-Choir Low Quality High Quality
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    Music from Freelancer Intro

    On the soundtrack dvd theres a isolated music score track for the extended uncut intro movie. I recorded it for myself, but wondered if anyone else wanted it as well? I posted it at Lancers Reactor forums but they deleted the post and said it was illgegal... If its not too "illegal" shall I...
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    WCProphecy Easter Eggs in the iff files

    Thought this might intertest some of you. Here are 3 interesting audio files I found with Prophecys sound FX files.!.iff.wav All I have to ask is "why?" lol :D...
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    Battlestar Galactica on - WOW!

    I had havent seen this series, (im in the UK with no cable) but I went casually to check out the trailers for this series at and :eek: I was so amazed! It looks fantastic! From the trailers, it makes me wonder how cool a Wing Commander series like this would have been!!! Oh well...
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    WC Saga Titles... thoughts.

    "The flagship campaign of Wing Commander Saga, “Front Line of the Devil" Dont take this the wrong way guys but I prefer simply, "Wing Commander Saga, “Front Line". Whats the "devil" go to do with the Kilrathi? It just seems out of place to me and doesnt really even make sence. Even "Front...