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    Timbres of Heaven Soundfont 3.0 is out!

    Hi Everybody! I thought I should let you all know that Don Allen's masterpiece Timbres of Heaven 3.0 soundfont has been released. With it you can take Wing Commander 3, Privateer, Armada and any other game that supports General MIDI and make them sound absolutely amazing. The font also...
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    Increased Bullet Speed?

    Have you guys ever increased bullet speed slightly just to see how it plays? Bullets seem about as fast as missiles and it always feels like you can almost out run your own shots while hitting the afterburner. Right now it can be difficult to lead your targets as the bullets hardly get there in...
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    Standoff Wrapper in OSX 10.8 Still Works...

    Just to let you know that the wineskin port still works with the new Mountain Lion release. There is however one caveat: in order for the application to run in gatekeeper, you must right click on the application and click open, It will say "are you sure" and click "yes." Fortunately you would...
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    MacOS Wineskin Discussion

    Greetings, I had personally discovered this technique of running windows .exe's in MacOSX called a wineskin It is a technique of running windows applications by wrapping an entire windows application with all files in a bundle with an unmodified Wine in a neat single application. Wine is a...
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    Munt mt-32 emulation is back!

    Some of you may have been aware of munt for a long time, and thought it has gone stagnant. Not anymore! Turns out it has been being worked on behind the scenes. Thanks to the contributions of a new member, it has made Huge strides in the past month to the point where it will soon be almost a...
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    Dosbox 0.74 is out!

    Just so you know, it's over at I have noticed a little better performance with the old wc1 and wc2 games. Music and animations seems to flow better and has better control when things get hairy. Possibly due to the "Improved internal timing with repeating timers (especially...
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    Help! Quick 4 question survay as part of an essay.

    Hi all, I know this is rather an unusual request but I need to do a survey as part of an major essay for a class. If anyone is willing to participate that would be great. I don't know if you all know the site survey monkey but it is pretty much the standard site for doing these things. If...
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    BDay Armada/PG Games

    Well I would certainly would like to be playing WC Armada and Proving Grounds during the celebrations. Anyone else? Just as a thought, we could meet in a separate channel so any discussion/help armada related chat wont interfere with the Q&Aing that will go on. Here are my directions for...
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    Armada this sunday (7/19) 7pm EDT?

    Well it has surely been a while since we have done any games. Anyone interested in playing this weekend? In case your new, here are directions for playing on Armada and PG on multiplayer. Directions 1.Download Dosbox 0.73. It is best to use a frontend like DFend-Reloaded or DosBox Game...
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    Latest patch upgrade patch for SO

    Hi, with all these threads bouncing around, it is a little hard to tell which patch is the latest and greatest. Is it HCl's patch or Pedro's OGL one and which thread? NM, i found it, sry. delete this if you could.
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    Im back and it's Armada Time! Sunday Jan11th 7pm EST (UDT -5h)

    Hey I'm back in business. My controls have been wonky for a while, and for the life of me, I couldn't figure it out to the point were I simply had to reinstall. It all works now. For those of you who don't have armada installed and working via Dos Box here are directions that I posted in an...
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    Birthday Bash Armada Style!

    This thread is for the organizing of an Armada Proving Grounds game next Sunday (Aug 10th) on #wingnut irc channel All player should use a standard build Dosbox .72. If you need help in setting it up, you can follow these directions. (recently modified thanks to HAL9000. HCl's armada patch is...
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    Armada Proving Grounds game Aug 2 at 7pm EDT (GMT -4hr)

    CHANGE IN PLANS. 9PM INSTEAD!!! [fixed time in subject line - Death] Hi, I would like to set up a game for tomorrow (Sunday) if anyone is interested. I won't post my IP here, as that would probably be asking for trouble. Rather, I'll post it at the #wingnut irc channel at the time. I will...
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    Several Standoff Problems

    Normaly Id put the name of the problem in the title but seeing as there are more then one its a little difficult. I'm using Windows XP Pentium 4 processor First when ever I click on the Options menu in the Launcher I get an error saying "Run-time error '7' Out of memory" any ideas on...
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    Mac Support?

    I know full well that this would be a long time before this would ever be implemented even if you were considering it, at least well after episode 5 were released. I was just interested in whether or not this would be feasible now that OpenGL is possible. After all wasn't there someone trying...
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    WingCommander 2 Voice pack whereabouts

    Does anyone know I could find it for the dos version of the game? thanks in advance