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    Things you'd like to see in Star Citizen

    More eyecandy like this, which was very recently posted on RSI's Facebook:
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    I'm a new spacewoman on these forums.

    Lol Vintage Stock doesn't sell computer games.
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    Any interest in a community starlancer play-through.

    I'm pretty much ready when anyone else is, just not today and of course not on weekends.
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    Arjak's Combat Log

    Man, I saw this and it wasn't until the second page that I realized how old the thread was. It also reminded me of something I wanted to do. On, there's a forum section called "After Action Reports" which document a playthrough of a level/mission in a sim (usually a realistic or at...
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    PC Gamer Reinstalls Vengeance of the Kilrathi (December 18, 2012)

    I was wondering when this would show up here.
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    Any interest in a community starlancer play-through.

    I cannot play on Sundays or Saturdays. Also I never heard of the affinity problem (or if I have, then I set it when I installed it a while back and since have forgotten about it due to not having had problems since I started playing again). As it stands now, weekday afternoons and evenings (GMT...
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    Newbie =)

    Looks like I've got some more reading to do. :) I've never really liked BASIC (cept for 10 goto 10), probably because VB was my first programming language. Still, there's no reason I can't pick up another dialect of it. I used to know LibertyBASIC and I currently program in various other...
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    Hornet Attempts to Flatten a Pancake (December 12, 2012)

    A Dralthi is a pancake that can always be further flattened. ;)
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    Newbie =)

    Indeed, that's where I found out about the tools. :) Thanks, guys!
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    Any interest in a community starlancer play-through.

    Never played WC3 or 4, sadly. Only 1 and 2. Messed around a bit with Academy, too.
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    Newbie =)

    Hi, all. I've been both excited about Star Citizen and despairing because I have no computer that can run it, but it also made me go back to a couple of games I hold very dear to me: StarLancer and Wing Commander. I thought it would be a good idea to drop in and register here. <o/ I've been...
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    Any interest in a community starlancer play-through.

    I have StarLancer. I've never played it online and I'm just now getting back into it after several years, though I've often played a lot of FreeSpace (again, not online), which I think has a similar feel (moreso, I think, than the original Wing Commander games). If this gets started up, I...