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    Possible Vista problems?

    Hi there, since I started running Vista a lot of things haven't been wanting to run for me, especially my much beloved WC Saga prologue. I really love this project, and am impressed by the commitment you are showing. It is very enjoyable to fly around in and fight dralthis. Anyway, since I've...
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    ArmadaCD on Pentium 133: MYJEMM problems

    Hi there, any help? I am running Windows 98 on a a Pentium133 I use for older games. I can run every WC game on it. This includes running Privateer in DOSbox using MYJEMM. - pleasant surprise that. But when I try to use MYJEMM for Armada it says "Can't load vjemm.vxd" what now? What...
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    Can I still get Secret Ops

    Hi there, I'm not sure if this counts as tech support or not, but I'd really like some help. I am playing Prophecy for the first time - :D - and I'd kind of like to play the add on missions when I finish, but I figured that it's impossible to get Secret Ops from the original source anymore...