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    WC Saga Mission Editor

    Hi, One of the polls in tells us that there is a wcsaga mission editor. I just wanted to check and see what I can do with the editor (cause I have a few ideas which I think would be interesting to add in single missions). So I downloaded the editor guide and the editor (If...
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    WC 3 and WC 4 remake

    Hi, First I’d like to thank to the WC Saga team for the prologue and the following autopilot flyby demo. My opinion is WC saga showed us how the WC battles and games would look like if they were done lately with new technology. I’m looking forward to play the main WC saga title anxiously...
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    It's not about "when?" but "how?" and "where?"

    Hi WCS people, That's a great and professional job you're doing. I'm anxious to see and play the demo and full release of the WC Saga. I know that you're doing your very best to finish the job. And I also know that people have real life obligations. That's why i appreciate the work you're...