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    New game coming soon

    I haven't had a chance to play it yet (broken arm...I can barely type this ~~~) but from what I've seen the comparisons to Sins are somewhat accurate. Sins is a bit more combat focused, whereas this game has more empire-building involved. The game is not finished yet. The devs had to rush out...
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    New game coming soon

    Check out: Sounds like a pretty good game, with lots of opportunity for Wing Commander mods.
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    New Wing Commander Game?

    I'd like to see a new game that is somewhat of a mix of SW: Battlefront and WC Armada. Basically you start off at Earth or Kilrah depending on what side you choose, with a lone carrier and 1 squadron. Then you move out "colonizing" planets which give you resources to build more fighters...
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    Fave game out of the Medal Of Honor Series

    Allied Assault is a good game, definitely the best of the series, but runs like crap on my computer. The Garand is the best weapon IMO. Definitely my weapon of choice. After that I like The Thompson and the STG 44. The MP40 is alright too. Rising Sun is good for the PS2, because it has...
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    Best Looking Fighter

    WCII Rapier
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    What will the Next WC Game Be?

    I think the only way to go for a new game is a strategy game. It would be hard to come up with a good story line for a new space shooter. I think it's all pretty much been done. With a strategy game, you can start from scratch and play the whole war out yourself. An option to either control...
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    Damn those Yankees...

    Let's go Blue Jays!