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    Do the old WC games hate SB16 Emulation?

    For some reason WC1,WC2 and Privateer will lock up my PC if I load SB16 Emulation. I know it's the SBEmu because if I rem the command lines they'll work (without sound or a joystick though :( ) . So I'm wondering if anyone has been able to get these games to work using SB16 Emulation. [Edited...
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    Sound prob with Privateer (Yep,another one)

    I have a SB PCI 512 and for some strange reason Privateer doesn't like it at all! I'm using a boot disk but the game will lock up my PC if I try and run it. However, if I boot up without loading my sound card the game will run but without sound or a joystick(my only joystick port that's not USB...
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    Sound prob with Privater 1

    I've been playing through some old dos games and my friend gave me Privater to play(he said I might like it) anyway, it seems to run fine untill someone shoots lasers.. When I fire my lasers it starts to stutter, I know it's the sound becuase it doesn't do this with the sound off but the strange...