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    WC1 with Win XP

    I am attempting to install WC1 with DosBox 0.72 using the instructions layed out in the tech support section. After mounting the necessary drives I run install.exe but all it it tells me is to "Please insert your copy of Wing Commander Disk 1 in drive D: Press any key to continue" and won't...
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    WC2 with XP help

    I know this has probably already been covered in a MILLION other places, but I just needed help getting started installing the deluxe edition of Wing Commander 2 using Windows Xp.
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    WC 2 with WinXP

    Can somebody help me run WC 2 with on WinXP? I need to configure the expanded memory I think.
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    WC3 setup help

    For some reason the setup program messes up during the machine/video speed test. Please help.
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    Starlancer or Privateer 2

    I was just wondering which one I should buy.
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    problem slowing down WC2

    I'm having a little trouble running WC2 wiht moslo. I keep getting the message: Failed to load Origin-FX. I could seriously use some help here