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    Interested in helping out?

    Development of WCU is back on track after a slight bump due to spring finals and the summer break. If you're interested in helping out, reply here or head over to the WCU subforum of the Vegastrike development forums: Completing the...
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    [REQUEST] WCU Splash Screen

    Request: WCU Splash Screen We need a splash screen for Wing Commander Universe. Currently there is no 'official' screen at all; we're using the Privateer Remake project's version. The new screen will be displayed at the beginning of the standalone installer process, as well as every...
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    Hi folks, been lurking the site for a while and decided to finally sign up. Looking to get back into Privateer 1/2; just read the Privateer Online documents and it got me to thinking about the WC universe. Hopefully I'll meet some of you at DragonCon... or maybe at Manuel's Tavern for a...