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    Another Kilrathi Question

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know if there were ever any actual Kilrathi pirates or some form of "Privateering" that some of them might have been engaged in? Or did they all focus on the war? In the Prophecy manual, there’s a reference to “BloodEye” a Kilrathi pirate that was working in...
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    The Iceman Maneuver?

    In Prophecy, Casey mentions that Confed named a fighter maneuver after his father after he was killed. Are we ever told how it's executed? I'm only curious.
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    Privateer 2 editor

    Awhile back I found a editor somewhere on the internet that allowed you to fly any ship in the game. civilian/CIS/pirate etc. The web site that had it is gone and I havent seen any other ones that give you the option to fly anything besides civilian. Anyone have a idea where I can find one...
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    Armada/Myjemm mouse problem

    I just set up Myjemm and got Armada to run under my windows 98 matchine. But after the preview when I try to move the mouse the pointer disapears from my screen and in a few seconds the preview starts over again. I can't get any access from the menu and the only one that the pointer becomes...
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    The Forbidden Question

    I know we've had this one before...I can acually remeber it but ohwell. So guys what do you all like to do OUTSIDE WC hobby wise? Mine are martial arts, photography/digital art, computers, music/guitar, wood working,mountain biking, and other outdoor stuff
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    Privateer jump points

    Hey does anyone know why the jump points in Gimini Sector are diffrent from ones we've seen on other games?
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    What type of pilot are you?

    So what type of ship/piloting methods do you guys perfure? Personally I like bombing and torpido runs. Using gunships and bombers and focusing more on accuracy.
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    Coolest WC moment

    Hey all im sure we've probley had this thread dozens of times and I just dont remember but whats your favorite WC related moment? Eather gaming or outside that related to it.
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    I didnt know

    I'm watching the behind the scenes of Stargate and descovered by my own two blue eyes that the guy (Dont know his name sorry) from Seaquest that I think played Dagger is one of the directers of Stargate. If you see it and have seen Seaquest regulary when it was on youd probley reconize him and...