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    No Pink?

    Seriously, Kris and Hades, I like the tweaks that have been done. Particularly the ability to see which threads I've posted in. Still I was hoping for the unicorn rank insignia. :)
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    The holidays must be here

    I see the decorations are starting to come up over at the CIC :D
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    A question about Casey's log

    Reading through the SO fiction and was wondering if anyone knows what this refers to. The Twilight Purchase. Man, seems cold-blooded to name a ship that after what happened in Trafalgar two years ago.
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    Why was Angel taken alive?

    Or why did she let herself be captured? Confed was at war with the Kilrathi and she was on a mission that she had to know could win the war for Confed. Why would she risk letting that information fall into Kilrathi hands. I'm not a big fan of suicide, but in this case, I don't think she and...
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    Pilgrim Truth

    Finally found a little free time to read the Pilgrim truth synopsis, so this may have been covered when it first came out. First, thanks to those who made it happen. I've made no secret I've never been a big fan of the movie, so I haven't read the other two of Telep's novels. I think I...
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    Non-WC book recomendation

    Just finishing up Bob Greene's Duty. While it is not a WC book, it does deal with Paul Tibbets (the pilot of the Enola Gay), who has a similarity or two with Christopher Blair. Tibbets lives, and Greene grew up, in my home town of Columbus, Ohio. Greene's father was also a WWII vet and...
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    Tiny transports

    Is it me or are the WC transports awfully small? Spending some time recently on the Chesapeake and looking at some of ships hauling cargo, the Drayman and her succesors seem woefully inadequate. Or are there other larger transport craft we haven't seen. The TCS Tarawa and her sister ships...
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    Priv 2 Sound problems

    I have an old Compaq Deskpro 4000 here in the office with a PII 233 running Win98SE w/64 MB ram and Essoniq sound built on the board. I'm running Priv2 Deluxe and it runs fine except in combat I get this weird echo effect. Doesn't happen in the cutscenes or planetside only in combat. Any...
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    WC Politics

    Been meaning to ask for a while, and always get distracted. Any thoughts on the Prophecy, but more particularly the SO focus on the office of Govenor. Was it a post war-time reaction in the Confed to disperse power? I know there was our old RF firend, the former Govenor Menesch, so Govenor's...
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    Thanks Hadrian

    Love your movies over on the CIC. Running NT 4 here at work, so I had to dig around a bit for the right Codec to get them running, but once I did I was really impressed. Anyone else see them?
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    New Project

    No, not a WC project. A real world project for me. Which, unfortunately, means I won't be able to spend as much time around here as I would like. I may pop by the Nephilium post from time to time just to keep it going, though. And I'll throuw in a couple wacky theories just to keep Quarto...
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    SO Fiction file

    Was looking through the CIC and found the following. Secret Ops fiction viewer (4250k) - Requires Fiction File Download. Anyone have an idea where I can find the Fiction File Download?
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    I've been re-reading False Colors and came across somthing that had bugged me in the past, but I had forgotten about. The size of the Kilrathi Dreadnought. Is it me or does this thing seem insanely large. I always wondered if they put an extra zero at the end. It would make more sense. The...
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    Novel covers

    Back from vacation and I was perusing the CIC when I saw the info on the German version of The Price of Freedom. Looking at the cover got me to thinking. What's with the inconsistency in the covers of WC books? I understand why Heart of The Tiger and Price of Freedom (English) look the way...
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    Maybe Wing commander isn't that far off...

    Okay, this is barely qualifies as WC related but did you guys hear the US & Isreal working with TRW successfully tested a laser that shot down a missle out at White Sands, NM. Here is a link to the Yahoo news section that also has a video clip. Crappy quality. Haven't read how stringent the...
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    Your first WC game

    This probably is a topic that's been here many times before, but I was just curious which WC game was the first you played? I'm an old timer who grew up with computer games like PillBox on the TRS-80, Zork and Summer Games on the C-64, and have enough computers to start a museum. Therefore, my...
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    I'm just curious if any of the old members of WCHQ (which was a WC club that existed back in the early to mid 90s on Prodigy) found their way here. At its peak it had a couple hundred members, but the club died when Prodigy replaced it's monthly flat fee structure. There, I used to be known...
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    No Joystick response in Prophecy or Priv2

    I've read through a number of these posts, so I'm feeling pretty good that someone here can help me. I was given a Compaq Deskpro EN, with a PIII 450 and 96 MB of Ram. The system has Win95 installed, it never had DOS so the autoexec.bat and config.sys files are blank. I've got two joysticks...