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    How about an update

    Hey guys, all's been quiet here for over a month now. How about a little update about what's going on? Thanks
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    Question about modular components.

    Pioneer will have modular components like the original privateer. Will generators (engines) and shield generators also be purchasable and upgradable like the original? If so, could I ask a favour? In the interest of balance, can you have it so that the heavy fighter supports a higher shield...
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    Modular design and damage question

    I have a question... The weapons are modular (like in Privateer), and the modules can be damaged individually, right? That means that if a laser took enough hits it would get blown off and there would be no more laser there... I have a question about the damage to missiles. Can they...
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    Hey, I'd like to say 'hi' to everyone who inhabits these boards and to the developers of Pioneer. I am so excited waiting for this game, more so than I've been excited about any games in a long time. The last time I remember feeling this way was back when I read a magazine article...