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    Secret Missions 2 Problem

    I've got a weird problem with the Kilrathi Saga version of SM2. The thing loads (being able to exit via ALT-X was the evidence) but all I see is a black screen and no way to escape the black screen. This doesn't happen with Wing Commander or Secret Missions 1. Anybody know how to fix this...
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    Wing Commander III Qualms

    The thread title obviously speaks for itself. For the record, I have a 1Ghz K7 Athlon with 128MB of SDRAM, a Diamond Monster Fusion, and a Sound Blaster Live Platinum. Now for the problems.... The gameflow becomes corrupted (lines form all over the place and the screen gets out of whack)...
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    Anybody having problems with the July PC Gamer Disc?

    This applies more to the PC Gamer disc itself than technical problems with Wing Commander but..... After finding the July PC Gamer in a store, today, I rushed the sucker home so I could play Wing Commander. Unfortunately, the CD seems to lock up the computer if I try to run a program or go...