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    Are You Ready For Some Football?

    So, who are you guys picking? Last year I lucked out and called it all the way through the Super Bowl. That hadn't happened in quite a while. This year: AFC (still the better conference) to watch: Pittsburgh Kansas City San Diego Indianapolis NFC to watch: Philadelphia Carolina...
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    Battlestar Galactica: Season Two

    So, how many of you saw the season premiere last night? What did you think? It looks like they've already got several interesting plot lines set up for this season.
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    Half-Life 2

    Are many of you looking forward to the impending release? I thought the first one was really good, best FPS I'd played in a long time.:D
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    WC for Playstation

    I recently acquired WC3 & 4 for Playstation. I gave them both the obligatory introductory whirl and, not to my suprise, found the standard Playstation contoller to be lacking. I know this topic has been covered before, but a search of the forums didn't exactly answer my question: Is there a...
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    Advice With WC Novels.....

    I have almost acquired all of the WC novels (I'm missing one that is to be to me shortly). As I've been lurking in the Forums and reading posts I've noticed that there seems to be a difference of opinion as to the order in which the novels should be read. I would think by-date-of-publication...
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    Seen Either of These???

    Thought you guys might like this: or this.....
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    Number of Kills

    I am 2 missions away from completing SM1 (for the first time since 1991) and have acquired 300 kills thus far. I'm estimating my total at the end of SM2 will be well over 450. I was wondering how that compared with what other guys in the forum have done. Anyone?
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    Prophecy Deluxe?

    I was surfing eBay tonight and ran across a copy of Prophecy for sale. It had a big red sticker on it proclaiming it was the "Deluxe" version. The picture was too small for me to read much else, so I was left wondering: What constitutes "Deluxe?" Does it share anything in common with the Gold...
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    One for all you video game historians

    Circa 1982 there was a Star Wars based game we used to play on our Apple IIs. The goal, if I remember correctly, was to locate Princess Leia and escape from the Death Star before time ran out. This was obviously a text only game, but you were allowed to make choices like to run, to fight, etc...
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    Privateer 2 and Windows 95

    I recently acquired a copy of privateer 2, the MS-DOS CD-ROM version. I have a Pentium 166MHZ with Windows 95A that I use for playing the Kilrathi Saga, and felt like this would be the machine to use for playing Privateer 2. Back in "the day" I bought the MS-DOS version of Wing Commander IV...
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    WC Movie Trailer

    Was the Wing Commander movie trailer first shown to the public prior to The Phantom Menace? I'm fairly certain it was, and if so, who made that decision? Was it reached between Chris Roberts and LucasFilm, or was there another factor involved?
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    KS question from a new guy

    I recently obtained a copy of the Kilrathi Saga. I installed it tonight and realized that no mention is made of the Secret Operations missions for WC1 or WC2. They are not refered to on the box, the game's documentation makes no mention of them (unless I missed it), and the install program/start...