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    Escapist WC mention

    When it's the Webby winning mag, it's totally worth getting riled up over. At least other places acknowledge WC's place in history, whereas this is a slap in the face. It's interesting to note that the writer was my editor on one of those 'Crowd-Sourced' articles I wrote for them. I wrote an...
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    Escapist WC mention

    Yeah, That's what I said. Not even that, they left out WC4 while mentioning the movie. And where's X-Wing Alliance? Oh well.
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    Escapist WC mention

    Yo ho guys. I figured since you guys are always looking for mentions or stories, here's one about the comeback of Space Flight Sims That's the story and here's the timeline that honestly is missing a...
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    From what I understand, they changed the antagonist within days just before Homefront's launch date.,0,995726.story It didn't have anything to do with Homefront, but it seemed like an odd coincidence. Then again, I...
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    Great world, horrible length, multiplayers ok for a few days, Single player is a Magikarp at level 1 7 chapters, and they pad the game by making the enemies dumber than bricks but accurate than your average character. The story itself is pretty self-explanatory. You're a resistance fighter who...
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    Space Sim First Look: Galaxy on Fire 2 (March 16, 2011)

    I've actually had this for my IPhone for a while. It's a pretty good game, definitely worth the money.
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    Rapier Redux

    Hey Klavs, thanks for the desktop. I've been looking for something like this to replace Howard's WW2 Broadsword screencap
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    Who's honoring you now.

    Hey check it out, 1Up's listed the CIC as one of their 101 best game video game sites.
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    my mailwoman...

    Yeah, sorry about that. Photobucket takes some time for the resizing, They should all be re-sized to 640.
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    my mailwoman...

    Looked up at me with dreary eyes, she acknowledged my existence with a subtle nod. She held out what looked like my normal plethora of packages, and yet I found myself wondering if I had even order anything. As I climbed the 3 flights of stairs, the anticipation grew and grew. What...
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    WCIV DVD problem on Vista

    nevermind Fixed it using the Alternate MPEGdec on Guilzokas(newer version of WCIV.Exe), and then installed an AC3filter after the sound wasn't playing, then reset the compatability to Win98/2000. all in all it is up and running and my first play through of the game is on. Thanks for the help AD.
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    WCIV DVD problem on Vista

    Alright, I clean installed and started over again. While I can run VOB's independent off the DVD using VLC player, I did, just incase, extract the Mpeg codec into the game directory. I tried running Register.Bat but received this error message "The module "" was loaded but...
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    Rapier Dash

    Ahhh. Thank you AD. My knowledge of the movie isn't what it was when I caught it on MyNetwork TV like 2 years ago.
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    People just don't make games like WC anymore

    I was actually just about to mention that. I think for me, growing up the burgeoning 90s game industry was cool, because Like most big name, old time game directors who made it through 2d and were opened to the world of 3d, that was the most interesting time in games for the sheer scope of what...
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    Battlestar Galactica and Wing Commander

    I remember as a kid building a Viper kit with my dad along with a Galatica and a Cylon Raider..they were cool because we put them away and as they gather dust they began to weather...anyway I don't see the resemblance between the Ferret and the Viper. I mean, certainly it's possible, but even...
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    Rapier Dash

    I don't know if it's just me who's bothered by why is he hitting the Navigation switch when he's trying to bounce a signal...I mean...wouldn't it make sense for him to click transceiver switches?
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    WCIV DVD problem on Vista

    I seem to be in a little tiff with the playing of the game. I've seen most of the thread on here about it, but here's my problem, and I figure it could go down in the record books as another backward compatibility smartie pants. I have installed it using the WIN95 upgrade version, I've also set...
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    787 Completes First Flight (December 15, 2009)

    I wanna touch it.
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    Any truth to this?

    Star Control 3 was probably my favorite game for a while when I was a kid. Then again I was always a pretty big fan of Accolade when I was younger, I remember playing as the Tarth or the Maug in the original Deadlock constantly.
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    CF-105 Scimitar

    I...I want to touch it. Like, most models you usually see are simply from a beauty standpoint where its all about the ships and their amazing paint jobs or amazing lettering. No, but frankly Howard, Most of your models have fused a utilitarian approach with plain, but pretty textures. I...