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    A quick question

    Where do I get the price for ships? It seems to me that the orion used to cost 75k. I have 90 and the salesman tells me I need more. L
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    SO Fiction

    I have recently purchased Wing Commander Prophecy Gold! (yay me). It told me to read the fiction on the SO site. I have doen this, but this is a pain in the ass. Is there any source I can find a compilation of all the secret ops fiction? Thanks [Edited by TC on 05-10-2001 at 23:27]
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    X Beyond the frontier inspired poll.....

    I was playing x ( a game I recomend to the Wc addict) and I was wondering... What do you think any prospective intelligences in the universe would eat (predator etc I mean. I figure any intelligence would be a predator, since it takes some amount of intelligence to get a regular prey animal...
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    More Priv2 Problems........

    Alright, this is a continuation of the sblive\priv2 thing. I now have sound, so thanks to all. Now I have another problem. Whenever I press a key, an incessant beeping arises from my PC. That in itself would be ok, except that the computer freezes while it beeps. Single keypresses are ok...
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    Priv 2 and the SBlive

    Alright, here goes. I recently purchased Prive 2, and I have a problem. My Sblive doesn't seem to want to work in dos mode. This is a problem in that the game won't run it's install program unless I have sound. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.