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    Wing Commander TV show... a severe lack of news?

    Considering the date of that news, who they "cast" and the general silliness of the quotes, that is part of the April Fool's fun.
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    Bangusetsu CIC

    It wouldn't be 4/1 without the pink. Anyone see any other good sites this year?
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    The poster for the game or the posters in the game? There was one for the fellas and one for the ladies. I've never seen anything that tied the two stories together. Did we ever find out the main character's name in SC? I can't recall.
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    Righteous Fire... that's it?!

    The Boba Fett short was nice. Otherwise, the thing is pretty much some weird 70's variety show. I'd count it. IMHO, those three games are more tied into the Zork universe than Privateer 1 is in the WCU.
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    No Pink?

    One of the rank insignia during the april fool's modification was a picture of a unicorn, I can't recall any of the tohers of the top of my head. The unicorn made an impression though. It was the kind of artwork that loks like it was from a school binder owned by a 12 year old girl. Rainbows...
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    No Pink?

    Seriously, Kris and Hades, I like the tweaks that have been done. Particularly the ability to see which threads I've posted in. Still I was hoping for the unicorn rank insignia. :)
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    Base launch or patrol intercept?

    I was talking about other wepaons as well. I'm not sure the stealth tech is equivalent to nuclear weapons. To use another WC analogy though, if someone did get a Soviet nuke, they may do what the Church of Man did with the Steltek gun. Reverse engineer it to make more. Getting the material...
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    A little thought on Sivar-Eshrad

    Had they won the war, they were planning on using Earth, but that isn't really relevant to his current question. However, I could see some militant Sivarist faction try to have one on a confed planet to try to restart the war in an attempt to rekindle the war. Argue that the current...
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    Base launch or patrol intercept?

    But in the aftermath of the destruction of Kilrah, things might haven't gotten "lost," someone might have taken advantage of the situation for their own gains or the gains of a group they are allied to. I hear stories in the media from time to time about former Soviet weapons and other stuff...
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    WC too glossy like Star Trek?

    I think they still do, but more so in the novels than the books. That's usually the advantage of books over movies, it is often harder to explain some things in a film that is limited to 2-3 hours at best. That was the point I was trying to make earlier, Kirk in Star Trek IV and V didn't...
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    This may be a dumb question...

    Re: There is a map? Here's a free online version of the map, put together by LOAF and a cast of many. It has stuff that the original in the box didn't have. So for all those folks who got the map but never came here, you have...
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    WC too glossy like Star Trek?

    In Kirk's, Shantner's and the writer's defense, there was really a good time in 4 or 5 to bring it up. It made sense it sixth, and was crucial to the plot. My Dad died 11 years ago, not a day goes by that I don't think of him, but I don't usually bring it up in conversations with folks. Kirk...
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    WC too glossy like Star Trek?

    Ghost, on that list of folks who were affected by Dax's death one name you didn't mention (probably because you didn't want to type the names of the whole cast :) ) was Quark. I was particularly moved by the scenes with Quark and Bashir after her death. They'd always given Quark a bit of a...
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    Barbara Niven...

    Emoticons help, but your right, this is an imperfect way of communicating, especially when communicating not only with folks who aren't native english speakers but folks form different parts of the U.S., let alone other English speaking countries.
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    WC too glossy like Star Trek?

    Which is why I feel DS9 was the best ST series to date, but that is another argument for another board. I agree with you Ghost, especially since Dax's death was "meaningless" to boot. She wasn't saving anything, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tasha Yar's death over in TNG was...
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    Dallas system

    That pretty much sums it up. Here is a link, to what I think is the current version of LOAF's map. Dallas is in the Challenger Quadrant. Top Row, Second Column. I'm not sure what the other unmarked planet is. I don't think that was on...
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    WC4 ending

    I think many of us here are WC junkies. We need to come up with a new term for you though, since Junkie does not suffice. :) Uberjunkie, perhaps?
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    Barbara Niven...

    No I didn't miss them, that was a joke. Kind of a rhetorical question. For example, if someone said, "Todd Marshall is no Christopher Blair," someone else might reply "Who is?" Meaning there is no one like that person, except for that person. Sorry for the confusion.
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    Barbara Niven...

    Who is?