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    Hellcat on G4

    Flipping channels on a commercial break for Children of Dune I came to "Attack of the Show" on G4. They were talking about paper models available online and about a software program to generate them. Demonstrating the software, they were showing the Hellcat model. Here is a link to the...
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    Jump Point Defense

    Something that always bothered me about Fleet Action is that the jump points weren't defended. As a strangle point, it seems like they would be highly defensible locations. At the very least you'd expect them to be mined or, if more ambitious, why not move the fleet up to defend them like in...
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    Hakaga Fighter Compliment

    I am sure this has been postulated, but I couldn't find a thread talking about it in a quick search. The generally quoted figure for the fighter compliment of the Hakaga is 288. The quotation in Fleet Action is "three eighties and six eights of strike craft and fighters." Thinking that...
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    Who to vote for? (for US President)

    Every election year its the same thing. The candidates try to confuse us as to what the real issues are by distracting us with talk of the economy, healthcare, education, and national defense, etc. Talking about Iraq might be fun, but its so narrow it totally misses out on the big picture...
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    Confed Fleet Carriers as of 2667.175

    As of 2667.175 there are supposed to be only 7 fleet carriers. First of all, does that number include only operational carriers, or is the Austerlitz included in that figure? Fleet carriers that entered service before that date and are known to have been operational after it: Ark Royal...
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    WC4 novel and what's with the all Lexingtons?

    Reading WC4 and I have been slightly bothered by chapter 2. It says the Concordia was destroyed over Earth and that Bear was a rear admiral by the end of the war. The perspective is that of Blair, so I guess maybe he could have mistaken rear admiral for commodore in recalling Bear's rank...
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    Priv2 in Win2k?

    Anyone been able to get Priv2 to work under Win2k? When I try to install I get an error message stating I don't have a VESA compatible BIOS.
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    Weird way to get killed in WC3

    Was just playing WC3 tonight. Had just brought Flint back from her little rampage in Locanda. I had requested landing clearance while slowing to a stop. My shields and hull were in perfect shape and then BOOM!!! The only explanation I can think of for my demise is that Flint's Longbow...