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    So, who here enjoys Cowboy Bebop?
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    Prophecy Advance = Technical Marvel

    After storming the base PSC, I procured my copy of Wing Commander Prophecy Advance! All I can do is ask: "How'd they do it!?" I'm still in awe of what they fit on this tiny cartridge. What a mighty little machine, I tell you. Like LOAF said in his hands-on: "Anderson telling me my...
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    Pull the Chrono Trigger, Watch the Time Fly

    Who here wishes that Square (or anyone) would come up with another, equally-innovative, time-traveling RPG like Chrono Trigger?
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    Blast From the Past

    Wow, the most recent "Blast From the Past" truly hits close to home for me. I lived off that very article for months until WC4 came out! Also, that is the source I constantly cite when referring to the Maniac Missions add-on. One thing I had forgotten about that article and am quite...
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    Donnie Darko

    So, anybody here love the movie Donnie Darko as much as I do...?
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    Wing Commander Prophecy ADVANCE

    I haven't been here in a looong time! Well, because I am too lazy to look back at previous threads to find my answer, I'll ask it here. What's going on with Prophecy Advance? I went to that site on the CIC news page but I couldn't find any info on a release date or progress. It looks...
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    The Thing, PS2

    Wow! The first game I've played in a long time that based solely on fun (in my own opinion, of course). Has anyone else played it and feel the same way...?
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    Doug Funny

    Say! My memory, for some odd reason, gave me a glimpse of an old episode of Doug I once saw on Nickelodeon.... In the episode, Doug bought a Super Pretendo with a game. I think the game's name was "Space Mumps," or some stupid crap like that.... Well, the game completely owned him...
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    For the Gents

    If you could, erm, court one of the women of Wing Commander, which would it be? *cough* Let's try and keep this one out of the gutter too :p
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    The Strangest WC Experience....

    So, who else here has played S*U*P*E*R Wing Commander?
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    Is it just me or does Flash look a little like Jazz...? btw- What the heck is up with Maniac in WC2 SO?? Is he... high?? (this is my first time playing through WC2 :D )
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    The Styles of Wing Commander

    Which aesthetic representation of Wing Commander do you like most?
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    Wing Commander III Shows Age :(

    I recently purchased the original, olskoo version of WC3 for the PC. Now, bear in mind I have only played the 3DO version :D Why is the music MIDI!? The music in the 3DO version (and the PSX version) is orchestrated! If Oldziey did the music in WC3 and orchestrated it, why is the in-game...
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    WC4 on Win98

    I am trying to install WC4 and it is just not happening. Does anybody know how to install WC4 to a Win98 machine??
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    Woohoo! Straight From The Academy!

    Hey everybody! I just got my commission as a Second Lieutenant! I'm on fire! Ow :cool: !! :D
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    Well Balanced

    Which do you feel is the "true," Confed mainstream fighter?
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    Muppets in Space

    You know, Wing Commander 3's Kilrathi puppets were a-freakin'-mazing! They were tall, menacing and moved somewhat realistically. They are what I hold in my head as the "true," Kilrathi image. ... then Wing Commander 4 came out, with a budget in the millions (beats Three's Four thousand)...
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    Whatever Happened to...?

    What happened to all the cooler characters from Wing 3? You know, the characters like Flint & Flash (even Vaquero)? I'm so glad they kept Vagabond in 4 (I would've been mad if they didn't)! Still, though, I really thought Flint was awesome and expected her to be in Wing 4... even that...
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    Maniac's Home of Record

    Now, it has always been my understanding that Maniac comes from the planet Leto [sic?]. In Wing Commanders I & III (not sure about II... never played it), Maniac is said to come from Leto. Now, in Wing Commander IV, in the flight roster loadout, it shows Maniac's homeworld as Earth...
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    Confed Rank Structure

    :cool: Hi, everybody! I'm new here! I've been a HUGE Wing Commander fan ever since its Super NES debut (I was never a big PC gamer until WC4)! Unfortunately, I am not as big a fan as I thought and know very, very little. In fact, most of my extended information comes from the "Victory...