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  1. Davie_UCF

    WCP - High res movies, where to download? + Prophecy install with updates/enchancements

    Hey guys. I signed up here in 2004 after a nostalgia trip.. I'm back on another. I want to grab the Wing Commander Prophecy movies, however the download links on this site are incredibly slow, which I could put up with, by waiting. But they seem to stall and not resume before they are...
  2. Davie_UCF

    Hey Everyone... Im on the lookout

    :) My names Davie/David and i've just been on a WC search through the net after remembering this great game! over 2 years ago i had WC prophecy but lent it to a mate and never got back :mad: I rememeber i got the demo of it on my first ever PC (now on my 3rd) I Loved it and when...