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    Dungeons And Dragons Online

    Is anyone here planning to play Dungeons And Dragons Online when it is released? (Or already playing the Beta?) I haven't played any MMORPGs before, as I never had a good enough PC or connection, but as a long time D&D nerd, I'll be following this one with keen interest.
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    Windows XP E-mail problem

    Hey all. This isn't so much a WC game tech issue as a WC activities related issue. Anyhow, I run Windows XP on the laptop I took with me to Britain. I downloaded and installed the XP service pack 2 last week, and since then have been unable to connect to my ISP's POP and SMTP servers to do my...
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    New HTL Archive site

    Hey all, Raptor here. As I said in the other thread, our main archives haven't been updated in a while, and hence we had to stop publishing chapters here at the CIC. I've put together a new archive site though, that holds all published chapters which aren't at the main site. That'll let those...
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    HTL Chapters on The CIC

    Hey all, Raptor here. I'm sure that you've noticed there haven't been any HTL chapters posted at the CIC for the last month, in which time we've sent out three chapters via the Aces mailing list. The reason is that the HTL archives, which we normally link to the CIC, haven't been updated in a...
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    We are your superiors

    Something I was thinking about. Are the Black Lance better fighters than "normal" humans? There's certainly no doubt that they themselves think that they are. Their comm messages are packed with themes like "Admit it, you are the weaker" or Die, Inferior!". There is also no doubt that Project...
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    What do you want in the HTL Finale?

    Hey guys, Raptor here. HTL's Loki battle is now in the dying stages, in more ways than one. [Evil Grin] After the Loki blood-bath though, the story will move on to the Finale in Nifelhiem. The Finale writing is well underway, but there's still time for you to influence how it alll turns out...
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    Poll: New Technology in HTL

    Hey all, Raptor here One of the things we've done in HTL is integrate fighters and warships created by the Aces Club into the storyline. This allows factions that we've only had brief glimpses in the canon, such as the Border Worlds Union, play a full and active part in the story. On the...
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    Survivour Border Worlds

    Hey all, Raptor here. Here's something that I've been thinking about. While the HTL battles to date have caused some major casualties, there are a lot more to come. One of the things I do as the co-ordinator is pick which ships and units get "written out". :D It would be interesting to see...
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    Confed Politics in 2681

    Hey guys, Raptor here. I'mm writing a scene in an upcoming story about a debate in the Confed Senate, and I want as much information about Confed's politicians around WC:P/SO as I can. (I'm especially interested in what was in the SO docs and fiction, as I don't have those at present.) I...