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    What would you want from Wing Commander Remasters?

    If there is another thread on here like this I apologize in advance but I was thinking after playing around with Wing Commander 4. Wasn't it actually filmed? With this resurgence of old music videos and just old film in general being recaptured and digitized into 4K, wouldn't it be possible for...
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    New Wallpaper

    Hey guys, I know I haven't done this in awhile but I had some extra time on my hands. so here is a new Wing Commander 4 wallpaper for ya'll. Hope you like. I have both just the logo and one with a background. If anyone remembers I always had a version with the characters in background but...
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    Zero in Mass Effect 2

    I don't know if anyone noticed this yet but Adam Lazarre-White who played Zero in Wing Commander Prophecy and Secret Ops is Jacob Taylor in Mass Effect 2 one of the main characters in the game for those who haven't played it.
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    ScrewAttack VGV WC 4 It looks like ScrewAttack's Video Game Vault series takes on Wing Commander 4 Also Check out Final Save Point. They have a article on Wing Commander and its timeline. Yes this is my site, hope you don't mind the innocent plug. :D
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    Wing Commander joystick sensitivity

    Well i was wondering if there was any way that the joystick sensitivity can be turned down especially in 4 and one. im fine with it but when showing new people the game it seems to be the biggest complaint
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    Wing Commander 3 wallpaper

    Yo, I know its been awhile since the last wallpaper and I apologize. Well here is the next one in the line, Wing Commander 3. I made the Logo itself in Maya in 3D. Put it into Photoshop and went from there. Hope everyone enjoys. As usual, just the logo and then the full wallpaper.
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    WC1 ks Joystick

    I was just wondering if there was a way to slow the joystick down at all in Wing Commander 1. I can play it fine the way it is but I'm trying to spread the word of Wing Commander but the biggest complaint I get is the controls and that the joystick is to sensitive. Any body have any ideas. If...
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    Gilgamesh Class Destroyer

    Well I was discussing some Wing Commander with one of my friends and he looked at my latest wallpaper for WC2. He never played Wing 2 and we were talking about the ships. He asked what the front pod looking things were on the Gilgamesh. I said they are 2 flak cannons and 2 anti-matter guns...
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    Time for another Wallpaper

    Here is Wing Commander II, hope you enjoy and just like last time I made a HD version of the logo and that can be downloaded separately.
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    Wing Commander 1 wallpaper

    Here is another edition of my Wallpaper series. This time featuring the first Wing Commander game. Hope everyone likes it. I have two on here one of just the redone logo for this wallpaper and the official version of the wallpaper. Enjoy!
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    Wing Commander Movie Wallpaper

    So back in February I made a wallpaper for Wing Commander Academy TV show. I said if everybody seemed to like it I would put out more going in Time-line order, well kind of. I wish I would have done this sooner but been busy with school and work, I haven't much time and I have to do Photoshop...
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    New Indiana Jones

    Did anybody else notice Dallas from Prophecy in this movie? Also John Hurt is also in the movie. I just miss John Rhys Davies in it though Also the Dolby Digital train thing at the beginning really reminded me of the old Wing Commander games, I think Wing Commander 4 was the one that had that...
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    WC Academy Wallpaper

    I was just sitting around and started watching WC:A then it occurred to me that there weren't very many Wing Commander Academy Wallpapers so I thought I'd make one. Then after doing this I think I'll do similar wallpapers for all the major Wing Commander Titles. Really I guess I just wanna know...
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    Wing Commander Timeline

    Hi, I am trying to create a Wing Commander Timeline of all the games, books, the movie and the show. I am looking for the years in which they begin. I will include the fan fictions, like the games or other stories as long as they still hold continuity. This is a pic I have right now but I want...
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    Need help with WC3 ks and WC4

    First off i need help with WC3 KS. My computer freezes after a few minutes when ever i go to start a new video. I have tried everything that i can find but still nothing works. Maybe someone can just give me a walkthrough on what to do and see if these things work. I have WC3 on my second hard...