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    Escapist WC mention

    Yo ho guys. I figured since you guys are always looking for mentions or stories, here's one about the comeback of Space Flight Sims That's the story and here's the timeline that honestly is missing a...
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    Who's honoring you now.

    Hey check it out, 1Up's listed the CIC as one of their 101 best game video game sites.
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    my mailwoman...

    Looked up at me with dreary eyes, she acknowledged my existence with a subtle nod. She held out what looked like my normal plethora of packages, and yet I found myself wondering if I had even order anything. As I climbed the 3 flights of stairs, the anticipation grew and grew. What...
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    WCIV DVD problem on Vista

    I seem to be in a little tiff with the playing of the game. I've seen most of the thread on here about it, but here's my problem, and I figure it could go down in the record books as another backward compatibility smartie pants. I have installed it using the WIN95 upgrade version, I've also set...
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    Little trouble

    Hey, I'm having a little trouble with booting up Standoff since the new update. I've tried all of the settings from Z-buffer 16 to running on legacy. My system specs are: CPU: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.17 GHZ RAM: 1.50 GB Video Card: ATI X1300 512mb And here's the error message I get...
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    Check this out

    I was flipping through Deviant art Earlier tonight and found this picture: Supposedly it's been left abandoned in Luxemborg. Pretty cool.