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    the new war in the gulf

    Attacking a country without mandate.
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    the new war in the gulf

    You think what's happening in Iraq is terrorism? I don't know if you've been watching the news, but I have, and I saw Iraqis celebrating in cities that the coalition have liberated. They willingly helped tear down the posters of Saddam, they were hugging and kissing coalition soldiers and they...
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    the new war in the gulf

    Hey, the CIA didn't have any proof that saddam and osama, two different guys with different targets, philosophies and so on, working together. The US had the chance to show the facts, and have failed. they show pictures of trucks - but they didn't have any mobile biologic-weapon plant. its...
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    the new war in the gulf

    Saddam is evil - no discussion. But why attack the USA Saddam now? iraq is a threat for USA? no, of course not. 1447? Hey, the US wait 12 years and now they think, 2 weeks are too short? stupid. I'll say something: the USA have foundet the UN, accepted the un-carta and now, the USA attack a...
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    What are the cylinders on top of the Tiger's Claw?

    Or, may be, the shieldgenerators? ( think about the SW Stardestroyer )
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    Steltek - need some infos

    'Hässlich' ist a german word. The translation to english is 'ugly'. Ì heard that german namens often use for villians, e.g. Zahnarzt ( a demon in Warhammer ). Am I right?
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    Steltek - need some infos

    Hey Haesslich, it seem that you're a german guy ... right? In this case, would you give me you're Email-addy or UIN?
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    Steltek - need some infos

    Thank 4 helps But i need a little bit more infos ( of course, i didn't play priv to the end ): I've read at another source, that they've a sensory organ for the 5th dimension. They've also the ability, to communicate telepathy. They were discrebed as green to brown colored, insectlike...
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    Steltek - need some infos

    So i've read lot of threads in this forum, but i've a few questions: - are the steltek vanished? or, and so i've understand the threads about the steltek, did they live ( in the core of the galaxy)? - have anyone (ingame) screenshots of the steltek? - know source of (serious )...
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    Anybody knows with what weapons the sorthak is armed?
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    Original Sounds

    I want to rip the original sounds from wc3/4 and wcp. I work with HCIs Audiotool and the tremanager very succesful @ wcp/wcp:so. But how could i rip Sounds from wc3/wc4? And in which file are the files i search?
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    SO (and UE?) in Windows 2000!

    I couldn't install WCP :( on my Win2k PC
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    Custer's Carnival

    In clawmarks stood 2649, in Victory Strak 2644. Which Year is correct?
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    Retro Wc1 Ships made NEW!

    Can we see more Pics of your ships?
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    Double Helix Civilisation

    Where can i find Loafs Map?
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    Double Helix Civilisation

    Where can i find the varni-space? and Landreich?!?
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    Where can i find an official Timeline from 2669 - 2681?
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    Double Helix Civilisation

    Hey, do you have a idea how the double helix look likes? And my next question about the varni republic: where are there starsystems ( or where was they ). My last question: where are the landreichsystems on the WCP Map?
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    Double Helix Civilisation

    Yeah guys, where can i find this civilisation on the WCP Map?