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    A wcp cast question...

    I was just wondering what is the actor's name that played casey in wcp. Thanks for any help... ------------------ ..."Meir mortals well bowe down to my power!"
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    A false color question...

    I just got and started false colors and wondered if theres any other wc novals out? aka ICEMAN ------------------ ..."Meir mortals well bowe down to my power!"
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    A question about a file for privateer

    I know theres a file for privateer that lets your fly a dralthi but is there a file that lets you fly a demon mercenary fighter in privateer? ------------------ SEPHIROTH (ICEMAN)
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    I was just wondering if anyone knows if there planing to make a secoint WC movie in the near future? -ICEMAN ------------------ You're like a virgin on prome night!!
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    Favorite Ships in WC series?

    What it your favorite ships in the WC series? (My personial favor it the Hornet off of WC1,The Vampire off of prophicy and Fighter off of Privateer that you get.) -ICEMAN ------------------ ...As long they dont piss me off!
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    What is your favorit carrier?

    What it your favorite carriers in WC Series? (My persoinal favorite carrier is The Tiger's Claw.) -ICEMAN ------------------ ...As long they dont piss me off!
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    Hey what is the name of thows lettle green bugs off of prophicy?

    What is the name of the aliens off of prophicy that you fight? I new there name but fogot. -ICEMAN ------------------ ...As long they dont piss me off!
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    I have been off chat zone for a while and what is this rank under peoples names for?

    I have been off Wing Commander Chat Zones for a while (damn school and work!) I would like to know what this rank under our names is for and how to rase it? ------------------ ICEMAN
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    Multiplayer program for Privateer?

    Does anyone know if theres a patch or a program of some sort that lets you play multiplayer over modem or possibly internet for privateer or richus fire? Thanks for your help.... ------------------ ICEMAN
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    Wing Commander Prophicy Actor

    Does anyone know the name of the actor that playes Casey? ============================================= "bugs,cats they all die the same!" ------------------ ICEMAN
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    Paches for Privateer

    I know this is probley a stupid question,but does anyone know if theres a pach for Privateer that lets you change the outside view of your ship into a Star Wars ships? Sort of like the Darlthi and Stiletto ship pach for privateer. ------------------ ICEMAN
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    Wing Commander Prophicy last mission

    Can anyone tell me if this is the acual last mission or did I do something wrong in the plot.? For The last mission I half to close down a alein wormhole but after I win it Blair Gets killed by a alein trooper. ------------------ ICEMAN
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    Privateer ships

    Can Someone tell me what is there appenion on what ship is the best in privateer? In the game im a member of the Mercenary Guild and im also a smuggaler. Thanks.... ------------------ ICEMAN
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    WC1 Damage Disks

    My WC1 disks are damage and I've heard of a rumer of a e-mail address to Origin that you can ask them if they would give a replacement copy if you sent in the damage disk,is this true? ------------------ ICEMAN
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    Wing Commander Movie

    Does anyone know when the Wing Commander movie is comeing out on video? ------------------ ICEMAN
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    Privateer paches

    I got the paches to fly the Dralthi and Stiletto fighters in privateer from HCI. The pach gives me the Terus ship on the landing pad everytime I land.I've tryed to buy a nother ship but every time I take off I get a memory error and my computer gets locked up. Does anyone know how to...
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    Are there any cheat editors for Privateer Ships

    Does anyone know any editors for privateer that lets you fly any ship in the game? for example: (being able to fly the Steltek green egg drone ship.) -ICEMAN