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    Sky Jacker

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but SkyJacker on Kickstarter is coming to an end soon and they are still short of their funding goals. Looks like a really good SCS. They have an Alpha demo so you can see what its all about!
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    new game: precursors

    Just found this whilst browsing around. Seems to have ground and space combat. Go go russian developers!
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    Armada 2526

    Just found out about this game. I love Master of Orion 2 and it sounds quite similar!
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    New Game: Sins of a Solar Empire

    Found this on my travels. Looks like a combination of Homeworld and Masters of Orion! Edit Just found some videos of it on gamespot;summary
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    Upcoming Sim: Black Prophecy

    Hi Guys Found this whilst I was browsing around. The screenies look nice not sure about game play though! *edit* Just found this fan site based around it.
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    Space Force 2: Demo Out!

    The Space Force Rogue Universe Demo (got renamed) was released on Tuesday 29th. The voice acting is particular bad and it seems there isnt much support for ajoystick in the demo =( But on the other hand its damn good fun! The release date is...
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    Space Force 2: Close to Launch

    Looks like theres about 25 days left till the launch of Spaceforce 2 - Rogue Universe and they have also putup a new gameplay trailer! Got mine on pre-order and cant wait. I just hope its better than Dark Star One.
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    Infinity: The Quest for Earth

    Just found this whilst browsing around at lunch time -(
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    Compo: Free Graphics Card and Upgrade for life

    Just found this as I was trolling the hexus forums. You can win a current graphics card and then a new one every year =) That would be a pretty good thing to have =) I know nothing about football or the worldcup so I asked google who...
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    Priv2 + Logitech Extreme 3D

    After coming down with a nasty cold I decided to cheer myself up by playing Privateer 2 =) I've followed the instructions on and got it working great with XP. The only problem I'm having is with the joystick support. I've got a USB Logitech...
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    Dark Star One

    Seems DarkStar one is available for pre-order on (Uk) and coming out on June 16th, one day after my birtdhay =) The preview on gamespy looks pretty cool.
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    more please!

    Any more juicy details to release I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms! aaah I need a fix!