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    Wing Commander Prophecy Multiplayer LAN

    hi there! is wcp multiplayer only i-net? or is there any way to play 4-player lan? regards!
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    WCSAGA Multiplayer

    hi everyone... first, very impressive!! great job!! second... isn't there any multiplayer in the proloque? simple deathmatch? i've had an idea for multiplayer, if it's possible to make... two battlegroups - the player can join any side, any ship (fighter, bomber) so, battle is finished...
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    Red Point

    .. any progress .. ?? homepage is currently under construction.... :(
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    wonderfull Standoff - WC2 retro.... why not WC3?

    hi everyone! i just played standoff episode 3 and its really great, but i wait for a mod playing in the wc3 timeline. saga comes in 2669 and i dont wont think i cant wait until i can play a char in a wc3 timeline based mod.... so nobody want's the same? hm.... :)
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    Mouse Support

    Isn't there any mouse support for gaming? i want to fly with mousecontrol.... :( regards
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    Flight History - Bug?

    hi again - i was wondering to see, that the flight history isn't in the right "timeorder".... is this bug known, if this is one? regards
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    Timeline 2670-2673 - relationships

    hi everyone i've just took a look at the encyclopedia, what happened in the years 2670 to 2673. I've read some wc-books, but false colors wasn't to find in german bookstores, so.... anyone can explain how was the relationship between the landreich and the confederation - also the relationship...
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    thank you thread

    seas :) greetings from austria - i just played episode 1 & 2 and i have to say, very nice game, wonderful story, impressive animations (characters).... etc. i hopefully looking forward to episode 3! thx for so much time you are spending in development! regards
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    Hi - don't know who is responsible for the PiArmada projekt.... but i want to say, that wc armada was and is a great game idea! - i downloaded V0.8 and i will try it at home. may i can offer some hlp. i have also some question, why is there the vega strike engine and not the flight commander...
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    Editing / Modding Tools - WCSecret Ops

    hi everyone i'am looking for some good tools to make a secret ops mod like standoff or unknown enemy. what i need for that? how can i make sequences ...and so on.... where are tutorial for this stuff. i want a mod like standoff in the wc3 timeline - maybe i can make it on my own *lol* i...
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    Kilrathi 3D Hanger or something?

    hi anyone knows where i can find something like that: showing a kilrathi hanger or bridge or something else (wc3 timeline)?
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    I've got freespace2 - now i'am waiting

    for the wonderwul looking wcsaga. how big will the download be for such a great modification? when it will come, everyone would think.... ;) Tolwyn does great work.... really, respect. Other question. will the mod also come in german language, or are the subtitels in german?
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    Error DLL not found

    Error message: MSVBVM60.DLL not found I play with win98 in ms virtual pc - anyone can help 640x480 software mod hang on.... ;)
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    Error (MS Virtual PC)

    error message for UE is "lff::lff open file 'mission\enemy.srs' not found and not optional" I have to play with 640x480 software mod - in virtual pc there isn't any 3D support. hang on.... ;)
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    Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 SP1

    Hello I've installed MS Virtual PC 2004 Sp1 to play WingCommander Games.... Prophecy and Secret Ops work fine, but Unknown Enemy and Standoff won't.... I give you the exact error massege later, i'am not at home.... Virtual PC has no 3DSupport, so i have to play with software mod...
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    WC3 renew with prophecy-engine?

    HI Sorry for my bad englisch.... Is there a mod, or has anyone the same idea, for a TC of prophecy to wc3? With all ships names moviesequences and simply erverything from wc3? Is that possible to do? The story of wc3 is the best, and the kilrathi are looking soo "beautifull".... I...