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  1. ginger_tigra

    WC4: a break-down of comm subtitles synchronization

    I'm translating WC4 into Russian, and I found a strange bug with subtitles of battle communication. When comm video is on, the subs looking fine. But if video disappears (off by Ctrl-V, or by switching comm VDU to shields/damages/etc.) the subs start running about twice faster. This bug is not...
  2. ginger_tigra

    Russian translation of WC4

    I present my work in progress: Russian translation of Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom. This is the add-on to DVD version of game and based on deep mod of dxmci.dll; six-CD version upgraded by DVD upgrade patch is suitable too. Unfortunately the GOG version of WC4 isn't supported by my...
  3. ginger_tigra

    Utilities for managing WC3/WC4 .tre files

    I made the couple of utilities for assembling-disasssembling .tre files from Wing Commander III and IV games.trextra trename.tre disassembles trename.tre file to separate IFF files into directory named trename, uncompressing them if necessary (names of that IFF files are simply hex offsets of...