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    Lieutenant colonel rank wing commander 1??

    I thought it was pure legend until i saw the image how does one achieve this rank
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    WC4 DVD GoG AC3

    do we still need to use AC3 Filter for the DVD audio because as always i like to try and run minimalist setup with CCCP and MPC HC and never really liked the idea of installing to much and have no idea how ac3 would break cccp or funtion on a windows 10 laptop any thoughts?
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    For all of those who still need helping running WC4 bought form GOG

    About a year ago I was having issues with wc4 not being able to display video HCI was kind enough to work with me on a solution he said that he would tweak it a little and release dwrsp 1.1 but never got around to it i guess so if your on WINDOWS 7/VISTA and have tried everything try...
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    Wing commander 4 GOG sound but no video

    Hi I have sound but no video OS win 7x64 tried k lite cccp vlc i feel like asking for a refund File: C:\games\Wing Commander IV\vob\SC_0010A.vob Filter 0: Video Renderer Filename: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\quartz.dll Filter CRC: 846ED5FC Date: 2011-10-26 | 02:02:11 Filter 1: Default DirectSound...
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    cant change souund card in wc1

    I am testing our the enhanced biuld of dosbox that uses munt found here and talked about recently here now i can run wc2 with oerfect emulation yes i have the roms but wc1 will abouslutly not...
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    WC4 DvD resolution problem

    I recently got a new HD wide screen monitor here is the problem the image is dead center and shrunken down to the point where i could maybe see it with a magnaifer haha
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    WCP DVD pack +opengl patch runable?

    WCP DVD pack +opengl patch runable?(updated Hey guys long time no post first, I am running windows 7 home 64-bit i have two questions 1, is it possible to run the dvd amd open gl with enhancement pack and 2 i cant run the lancher due to a registry error see file
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    anyone want to help me make a fully functional Burnable DVD copy of WCP
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    Wing Commander KS on Vista Problem

    Wing commander 1&2 work great However Wing commander 3 does not it randomly freezes in spots making the game unplayable I have tried with and with out compatibility mode any ideas guys
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    Ship integration in game using editor

    Hello I download the excalibur from the so ships page I was wondering if someone could help me use it in game
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    Wing commander 4 DVD setup issues

    Hi i recently got WC4 DVD in the form of cd\dvd images I know m a bad person :( but to the point... im usimg daemon tools ver 4.08He to run it but cant run the setup i click on the setup and it does nothing and when i run the main game exe no video :P and freezes