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    Large portions of screen go black in Privateer 2 install

    This problem affects my Privateer 2 for Windows installation, but also affects other games (Rogue Squadron and Starfleet Academy) I run as well. I would appreciate any help in getting this fixed. I run a Windows XP SP2 machine with a GeForce 3 video card and DirectX 9.0c. When I run Rogue...
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    Confed and Militia turned Hostile in Privateer without Provocation

    I am on the Lynn Murphy series of missions in Privateer 1. Before Murphy 1, Confed and Militia were friendly to my ship. After Murphy 1, they were Neutral. After Murphy 2, they were hostile! I have destroyed absolutely no confed or militia ships up to this point. What has happened? The...
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    WC3: Transport won't follow me in Orsini 4!

    This is the mission with the skipper missile. However, the transport is never in danger because it never follows my autopilot once I meet it! It never even sees the skipper! I can't seem to get the transport to follow my autopilot, and the transport's manual movement is not fast. I can't get...
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    Is Blair's arrival to the Tiger's Claw in the movie really his first time?

    I was wondering about this for some time. I know it has generally been established here in the boards that the movie takes place between the first and second episodes of the Academy cartoon. The premise is that Blair is a 2nd Lieutenant/cadet. However, this timeframe has the cartoon...