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    Midway lost?

    on one of my missions, I am in the cockpit, and right before I get launched, it says my carrier has been lost. How can I fix this? ------------------ Those of you who think you know everything annoy those of us that do.
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    I see lots of posts on things in the game, technical help, and othere things, but what happened to the good old strategies? I like to see a few strategies up every once in a while that I can try out.
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    Changing Nav Points For WC: Prophecy

    I have followed the steps to change NAV Points in my Wing Commander Prophecy Flight Manual (pg. 24), but I can't change my nav point. I have tried once in a mission where there was only 1 NAV point, and then some Confed people ask for any available pilots, and when I try to change my nav point...