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    WC3 Bombing Kilrah

    I recently reached the 4th CD of WC3 and is at the mission where I bomb Kilrah...which is right after I leave the Asteroid Depot. When I reach the third waypoint I meet Hobbes again but after I beat him and all the fighters around me, more Sorthaks jump in and keep at it. I can never...
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    When I start WC3 it loads the intro movie instead of going to the DUTY can I get it to load straight to the DUTY LOGS?
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    WCArmada in Win98

    C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT ------- SETBLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6 ------- C:\CONFIG.SYS ------- DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\himem.sys DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\setver.exe DEVICEHIGH=C:\WINDOWS\emm386.exe 1024 FILES=15 BUFFERS=3 ------- C:\WINDOWS\DOSSTART.BAT ------- C:\WINDOWS\CTCM c:\logitech\mouse\mouse.exe...
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    WCArmada in Win98

    Recently I installed WCArmada onto my computer under Win98. When I try to load it, it says, "EMS driver is not VCPI compliant." What is the problem and how can I fix it?