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    Holy Crap! =:o

    I have replayed the second mission about six times now, cranking it down all the way to rookie, and I still barely survive, much less succeed. Now, I'm the first to admit that I'm not that great a pilot, but I don't totally suck. The first few times I tried, I used my regular flying style...
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    I was checking out the "Flight of the Excalibur" wallpaper (which is very nice!), and that combined with beginning to play Unknown Enemy, finally pointed out to me one of the things that has been bothering me about the later WC titles, namely color. In WC1 and WC2, the ships are all vivid...
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    Geeky Trivia Question

    Do you suppose Dekker the marine is related to Dekker the Sabre gunner? -The Gneech :cool:
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    Character List?

    Is there a comprehensive, or even mostly-comprehensive list of WC characters around? We all know Blair and Maniac, but I'm thinking more of a list of characters like Jazz and Quality and Primate and Spirit and Taryn Cross and Roman Lynch, etc. -The Gneech
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    Aesthetics ... Which WC Do You Like Best?

    Regardless of your view of what is "really" in the WC universe and what isn't, what incarnation of WC do you think looks the best? Which one is the coolest? My personal vote is WC1 and the original Secret Missions. Later versions had more bells and whistles, higher resolutions, 3D, etc., but...
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    WC on Paper

    I'm looking to put together a Wing Commander-based tabletop RPG and ship combat game, and since this is just a fan project and not for publications, I'm looking for suggestions for good rule systems to plunder shamelessly for my own use. Currently the prime candidate is _Star Warriors_, an...