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    Wing Commander E-Books

    Are there E-Book versions of the Wing Commander Novels out there? Preferably for the Kindle?
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    Mincraft meets Privateer

    There is going to be a new space game and it sounds a bit like privateer. The next project for Minecraft creator notch is going to be a space game named 0x10^C
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    Malcom gets a Star

    Just came across a newsbit that old Admiral Tolwyn aka Malcolm McDowell will get a Star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012. Another Sci Fi Legend, not connected to the WC Universe will share this honor. Walter Koenig of the Starship Enterprise will also receive his star in 2012. Heres the...
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    WC-Saga looking for Beta Testers

    Just did my every few days check on the WC-Saga site. Seems they are looking for Beta-Testers for the final release.
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    Technical advice

    Hello there. Maybe somebody around these forums can help me out with a bit of advice. I recently got a PS3 as my christmas/birthday present from my wife. I could chose, and the main buying incentive was the blu ray capacity of the PS3 - so we could decomission our old DVD player and use...
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    Future of Niche PC Game development

    This question has for some time flying around my brain. What will be the future of the niche markets in PC Gaming? As I understand it, revenue from PC gaming has decreased over the last years and at the same time concentrated around some specific brands like World of Warcraft (at least shop...
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    HOI 3 possible platform for a WC grand strategy game

    Maybe some of you know Paradox interactive and their series of grand strategy games. They are going to release a new itearation of their WW2 series games, called Hearts of Iron. Their games are generally very modfriendly and with the newest version also the map will become very modable (as shown...
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    McDowell as Prince Bolkovsky

    Malcolm McDowell will be in the upcoming TV-Miniseries "War and Peace" that is currently under production. Have not found a release date yet but the Miniseries is set to air in 2007 in several involved European countries (the series is a coop. production of several public TV channels across the...
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    Buying Wing Commander Novels

    Out of some enthusiasm to read some of the more interesting sounding WC novels (action stations in particular) I did a search on the net today. First I though hell its a bargain (important for a always money stripped student like me), but then I saw the shipping costs (5 times what the book...
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    Win2K Problems

    Hello there. First I want to thank you for the great job you have done with this game Ive been looking for something like this for years :). Unfortunatly I have quite some problems running it properly. I have done all the things that are suggested in the FAQ for Win2K users. What I...