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    Back after hiatus

    I don't know how many of you may remember me, but I joined here awhile back, and was having a good time talking with you all about Wing Commander. However, I had to take a hiatus until recently, for a few reasons. My project, "Wing Commander Chronicles," was literally causing me to miss...
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    Fighter inspiration

    Something I've been pondering for some time now. We know that Wing Commander was described (by Chris Robers, I think) as "WWII in space." Thus, I have been thinking of what kind of planes would have inspired game designers as they were creating the ships we know and love today. Don't ask me why...
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    Victory crewmember's shirt

    Does anyone know if the crewmember's shirts worn under their flight suit in WC3 read: "TCS VICTORY" or "T.C.S. VICTORY"? I am going to make a shirt on Cafe Press, and I can't seem to tell from the video on the game.
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    Welcome Spirit...

    I just got a blue point Siamese cat for the new digs I just moved to, and I was trying to think of what to name her. I wanted to go with "Hobbes," mainly because of her tiger striped feet and tail, but since it was a girl, I had to think differently. I ended up going with "Spirit," to honor a...
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    Wing Commander Chronicles ... first page

    As I first posted in this thread, I am writing a chronicle, of sorts, of my re-acquaintance with Wing Commander as an adult, after having first played it as a kid in the early 90s. I plan to write a page of material with photos, commentary, comparisons (childhood to adult) and such for each of...
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    Help me decide!

    Since I just finished Wing Commander III, I am trying to decide where to go next. I have played, in this order: (expansions are marked with [.]) Wing Commander [.]The Secret Missions [.]The Secret Missions 2 Wing Commander II [.]Special Operations [.]Special Operations 2...
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    Battlestar Galactica and Wing Commander

    The more I watch old Battlestar Galactica (the old one with Lorne Greene), the more I think that Wing Commander took several cues from or was heavily inspired by the show. Here's some things I've noticed. Check out Apollo's (on right) uniform here: Looks a lot like the Confed uniform...
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    Best tactics against Vaktoth?

    Alright, I'm finally on Wing Commander 3, after taking a hiatus from flying solely for the Confederation to fly for whomever I dang well pleased in Privateer and Righteous Fire. I have the difficulty set on "ace," which is where I have had it set any other time I have ever played the game, going...
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    Need privateer help

    I recently unearthed my Privateer set while going through some stuff for a rummage sale. We played a little bit of it back in the day between Wing Commander 2 and 3, so I figured I'd play through it again for the fun of it. Although, even though I have the manual and have read through it and...
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    TCN or TCSN?

    Just wondering which of the following is correct: Terran Confederation Navy, or Terran Confederation Space Navy? I am thinking of having a leather name patch for a bomber jacket printed, and I'd like to get the abbreviation right. I was thinking it'd look like this: MAJOR TUCK DAVION...
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    WC2: is it just me?

    So, I just passed the first mission of K'tithrak Mang on WC2, but not before having to play it 10 + times. Is it more difficult in these missions, since it's pretty much end of game? The Jalkehis guarding the cap ship I was sent out to destroy in the Sabre were all of the sudden like Kilrathi...
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    Challenge question

    I was just wondering this the other day: Why did WC1 (and its expansions) have the "Challenge question" at the beginning, while none of the subsequent WCs did? Back then, I figured it was a method of making sure someone had bought the game, or at least had to go through the trouble of finding a...
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    It's Vagabond!

    Anyone catch Vagabond in this Bud Light ad? Pause it at 0:09. I knew him right away!
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    Ok, so I am pretty psyched. Yesterday, I scored Wing Commander III, WarCraft II: The Tides of Darkness, WarCraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, Primal Rage, and Betrayal at Krondor for ... five ... five dollars ... five dollar footloooonnngggg...
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    Is this cheating?

    Ok, so I have to ask this question of all of you, because I need your opinions. Today, I was playing SM1 on the mission where you encounter 5 Rapiers and the Gwenhyvar. I nuked the 4 Grathas and 4 Jalthi with ease, and moved onto thr nav where I knew the Rapiers and the Exeter would be waiting...
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    Highest trainsim score?

    Ok, so I think I just made my highest trainsim score of all time in WC1. 696930. I started with Dralthis for fun, and ended up making it to Wave 4 of the Krants. I can't remember ever scoring that good. What about my fellow pilots?
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    What's your least favorite craft to dogfight with?

    Since I have only played WC 1-3 with any seriousness, plus a little bit of 4, my choice here is going to be somewhat limited. Anyway, which is the one fighter you just hate having to face? The one you see on the radar and go: "Man..." Mine: WC1: Probably the Jalthi with the Gratha as a close...