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    Steltek - need some infos

    So i've read lot of threads in this forum, but i've a few questions: - are the steltek vanished? or, and so i've understand the threads about the steltek, did they live ( in the core of the galaxy)? - have anyone (ingame) screenshots of the steltek? - know source of (serious )...
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    Anybody knows with what weapons the sorthak is armed?
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    Original Sounds

    I want to rip the original sounds from wc3/4 and wcp. I work with HCIs Audiotool and the tremanager very succesful @ wcp/wcp:so. But how could i rip Sounds from wc3/wc4? And in which file are the files i search?
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    Where can i find an official Timeline from 2669 - 2681?
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    Double Helix Civilisation

    Yeah guys, where can i find this civilisation on the WCP Map?
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    When started the production of the bearcats? I mean this cool fighters in WC4? I mean, it was 2672...
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    Take Kilrathi a shower?

    Take Kilrathi a shower? I mean, if they are catlike they won't take it. What do you mean?
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    Fighters aboard Carriers

    Hi Boys and Girls, i have a question: i rember that the TCS Victory habe 4 squadrons of figthers ( 44 or 48 fighters ). The Tigers Claw have 104 fighters. Both ships have the same length. Why are they so different? Another example: i rember, that the hakaga have about 250-300 fighters - a...
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    Kilrathi Language Libary

    Exist anywhere in the Net or in a Book a kilrathi Language Libary?