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    Larkinflight Hates Arena

    I recently tried to play Arena again. I downloaded and stared it but.. :/ The game has very little to do with previous Wing Commanders. I treat it as very simple arcade game and I'm not even going to buy the full version. If they want to make another Wing Commander, they should do it right. I'm...
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    Some things I like about Wing Commander 4

    I've replayed the Wing Commander recently. I like it because of a few things. The actors play very well, Malcolm Mc Dowell and Mark Hamill did their best to fill us in the thrill of Wing Commander battles. IMO WC4 was meant to be the last of the GREAT SAGA. I treat it this way, anyway. When I...
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    Privateer again

    I've been replaying privater and rightous fire again.. and I have some questions. First off.. Does someone remember how to activate the rear view on MFD? I've tried everything but nothing works and i remeber there was something like rear view mirror in MFD.. another question regards ships...
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    Wing Commander 2-3 scoreboard transfer.

    Hi, As I'm now moving on to Wing Commander 3 I was wandering if there is any way to transfer my scoreboard (kills/missions) from Wing 2 Special Operations 2 to Wing 3? Is there any trainer to increase my kill score in Wing 3? I've got almost 1000 kills and since I play all the Wing Commanders...
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    Academy Gauntlet

    Has anyone beat the Wing Commander Academy Gauntlet? I tried several times in Wraith but I've never beat it. Do you know how many rounds are there? (I managed to get to round 11th against several wraiths).
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    WING 4 DVD on Pentium PRO - query

    Hello, I was trying to play Wing Commander 4 DVD on my older machine (Pentium Pro 200 128RAM) and I am not able to start the DVD movies. I installed the gulikoza's patch and MPEG2 decoder and AC3filters and.. still I can't watch the movies in the game ( the game - flight - works fine)...
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    Fleet Tactics

    Can I ask what happenned to "Fleet Tactics" site? I can't enter it anymore.. Man, I've always thought it was one of the best wing commander sites..
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    Finally! Wing Commander books have arrived!

    Guys! Guys! I want to boast a little! :D Today 4 “new” Wing Commander books arrived. The collection of books I wanted to have is now complete! Those came from US to Britain (hard to find those in Britain too) and finally to Poland. It was so hard to get them.. I’m very happy I finally have...
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    Dosbox, Wing Commander`s speed adjust

    I currently play Wing Commander 1 under Dosbox. My question: Is there any way to set dosbox to automatically adjust speed of the game while playing (to keep optimal number of FPS)? Because I have to manually set speed of the dosbox between transitions. The game is too fast while playing...
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    Kilrathi Saga sucks..(?)

    Hello, I bought Kilrathi Saga recently in order to play Wing 1 & 2 under modern system. The game starts fine uder my Windows XP, but.. Has anyone noticed that there are no planets, stars, etc. in the wing 1 & 2 background? Also, the "enemy shot down" music in Wing 1 hangs up frequently.. What...
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    WC3 background too blue?

    Is there a way to make Wing Commadner 3 background darker (preferably black)? It`s too blue I think.. {I turned off the gamma correction and still I think its too blue..}
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    "Saga of Wing Commanders" question.

    Hello! I`d like to know something about saga of Wing Commanders. I think I have almost every game of Wing Commander kind ( with the exception of SuperWing for SNES - it looks weird :p ). I`d like to know if there were some "special" Wings releases of those games; Wing C. 1 - was it ever...
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    Armada sound too loud

    Hello! Does anyone know how to set sound of WingC. Armada a little bit more quiet ? I play it under real DOS (not DOSbox). When I fire guns I can barely hear the music-sounds are too loud. The music slider in Armada options is max and there is no sound slider. Please help!