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    Nephilim - An Enlightening

    Well, I'm back after a very long time to the chat zones on the CIC, and wow has it been a long time... Some of you who were around may remember that I wrote a pretty large fan fiction story called "Nephilim - An Enlightening". I sort of abandoned that after, well, people stopped reading it, and...
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    Chapter 3 of NAE3 is here!

    Well, chapter 3 of 'Nephilim - An Enlightening III' has finally been posted by my lazy self... it may not be as good since I haven't written in a long time, but please vote and give me any of your suggestions to improve my writing. Please note the new address of my page :
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    This must have been asked a million times, but here goes: I just got a new Diamond Viper V770 with the RIVA TNT2 chip and 32MB of RAM. I played Prophecy in Direct3D (the only 3D mode) and was pleased to find every 3D option except Fog and Lens Flare were available. I got a patch from the CIC's...