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    So, what do you do when you are stuck at Sol

    So, there I was sitting in Gemini and I saw this GREAT three-fer for a cargo run to Alpha Centauri. I grab it hand head out. I get to sol through Benards Star. (There is no way from Sol to benards star, it is a one way trip it seems!!) Then I take the jump to Alpha Centauri. My missions...
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    Getting factions happy

    How do I go about getting the factions to like me? I can't seem to get them happy.
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    Picking up salvage ticks of good guys?

    If I am flying aroung the galaxy picking up random bits of stuff that is just floating around, I soon get called a pirate and am quickly jumped by every good guy that can reach me with a 10 ft laser beam! (Which really sucks when you are flying from perry to new_con!) So, what items are...
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    The Galaxy model

    Am I the only one who thinks of the movie "The Last Starfighter" everytime I see a Galaxy flying around. I keep wanting to see the Death Blosom. :)
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    Use fighters from a dray?

    How do I get a fighter into a drayman and then how to I switch from a dray to a fighter and back again? --Angus
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    How do I revert the jump points?

    I really like the swirly jumppoints but they absolutly KILL my FPS for not a good reason. Any way I can get the blue orb back?