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  1. Exterminator17

    Dark star one and Dark Horizon

    Anyone know of these two games? I picked them up for a song and a tap-dance (or a shelton slide) ((3 and 4 bucks each)) and was just wondering if they were anything like privateer or privateer 2 Thanks! Andy
  2. Exterminator17

    Can not find the cloak key for WC3

    I have all the docs for my WC3 game, but can not find the reference for the cloak on my refrence card to the cloak for my excal. I saw it when I stated the game, but now that I am getting ready to drop the bomb, I can not find the dang key for cloaking and am getting hammered by all these...
  3. Exterminator17

    WCVIEW will not work with WC 1

    I can not get WCVIEW to recogonize WC.EXE as a file in the same directory with it. no matter whether its in a cmd window, dosbox window, or a batchfile window. I followed the instructions, so I thought, is there something I am missing? Thank you!
  4. Exterminator17

    Re-played WC from 1 through Prophecy

    Has anyone built a computer that can play WC1 and all its addons through WC4 and the Privateer spinoffs without a problem with OS or speed? I am currently rebuilding my library of WC disks and files and fould that its not as easy as I throught to get WC1 and 2 to fly right (no, I do not...