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  1. Starkey

    Interest renovated in Privateer

    With all that has been going on with Star Citizen, I felt compelled to play Privateer all over again. I bought it at GOG, but it does not come with Righteous Fire. Where can I buy RF from?
  2. Starkey

    Virus in the Standoff website

    Is anyone else getting a Trojan horse antivirus alert when accessing
  3. Starkey

    Les Chevaliers du Ciel (Knights of the Sky)

    Anyone from Europe got a chance to watch this? A review this week from a Brazilian magazine rated it as the movie with the best dogfighting scenes ever. They also report that it won´t be screened in the U.S... It will be released only on DVD on November. It opens Friday here in Brazil...
  4. Starkey

    Flying Kilrathi Fighters

    Is there a way to fly Kilrathi fighters in WC1/2 (aside from the Dralthi in SM)? I heard that there is a trick for swapping the fighters files and be able to fly Krants, Grathas, Jalkehis, Grikaths, etc.
  5. Starkey

    Armada with Mouse?

    Is there any way to play Armada with a mouse?
  6. Starkey

    Easter Egg

    So... has anyone found it already??
  7. Starkey

    Standoff in Windows2000!! Well, maybe...

    A while ago our wizard HCl came up with something to run Secret Ops (and UE, and Standoff...) in Win2000. I am not sure it works well for everyone, but it is sure worth a try:
  8. Starkey

    First impressions

    I have been extensively playing the beta version of Standoff´s chapter 1 and I would like to share some of my impressions of the game here (no spoilers :) ) I found it GREAT so far. It is really not only a step up from UE, but a whole ladder up, IMHO. I am very pleased with the ships models...
  9. Starkey

    Biggest improvements from UE

    To the dev team (specially Quarto): What are the biggest differences between UE and Standoff? Specifically, which are the most important lessons you´ve learned from UE that are being improved/corrected in Standoff?
  10. Starkey

    Dear Santa Claus...

    I have been a good lawyer this year. I refrained from chasing ambulances, I did not charge my clients over 50% of the suit´s net profit and I treated my trainees with some respect. I didn´t curse my boss or the judges (at least not at loud). Oh, and the IRS didn´t catch me this year so...
  11. Starkey

    Prologue fiction translation

    Is the Prologue fiction completely written? I´ll have enough spare time to start working on my part in the beginning of October. (when I´ll also finally submit my currently-halfway-done Landreich #2 voiceovers).
  12. Starkey

    Turrets question

    Hi! I´ve been using that Guadalcanal-Concordia-Lionheart wallpaper for a while and I noticed that the turrets on the Concordia are way too big. Compared to the taking-off tiny Rapiers (barely noticeable), some turrets are 3 times the size of a fighter. Is that the final version of the Concordia...
  13. Starkey

    Zubaka turrets

    Did the patch alter the Fralthi´s weaponry in mission 3? IIRC, in mission 2 you take the Fralthi´s turrets out and she remains clawless until being repaired by Beaufort Station. Yesterday I played missions 2 and 3 and in mission 3 the Fralthi had all her weapons back again...
  14. Starkey

    Voiceovers: Standoff?

    Any news from Tempest? The guy´s got AIM, ICQ and e-mail and still, is he MIA? IRRC, you said that voiceovers were the last big step in finishing the Prologue... :(
  15. Starkey


    Will any Standoff fighters have jump drives, like the Broadswords in WC2? You probably won´t have any use for that in the BoT, but some jumping in the Gemini Sector (Prologue) would be nice... Also, any progress in the past month? Specifically, are those Prologue voiceovers done already?
  16. Starkey

    Ship damage / Repair system

    Earlier on this thread we discussed the possibility of ships weapons in Standoff take damage as they did in WC2, and Eder pointed out that the Vision Engine won´t allow that, meaning we won´t be able to come back with our Rapiers with half of its shields and only one functioning laser. (those...
  17. Starkey


    The prologue release is near (is it? :D) and we really need to fire up this forum with stuff other than progress reports, so here it goes: How much mission branching will Standoff have? I suppose the Prologue won´t have any, but, judging from the main campaign mission sets (B1, B2, C1, C2...
  18. Starkey

    Funguses are eating my WC games

    My house has a high humidity problem and I think that has done some damage to my WC CDs, specially WC4 and WCP. It could be just that the CDs are old. However, I think it could be some problems with fungi, because of the humidity that creates a good enviornment for them to develop. Luckily...
  19. Starkey

    Best trades in Priv1?

    Aside from illegal stuff (taking Brilliance or Ultimate to a Pleasure planet) and the obvious stuff (ferrying food to refinery and mining bases and minerals to planets), I´d like to know other lucrative trades to make in Privateer. For instance, where do I sell books and movies for a good price?
  20. Starkey

    Editing Privateer

    Is it possible to edit Priv1 to create new missions, campaigns, etc.?