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    I know it was one of you

    Someone left their copy of End Run in the "library" on COP Spin Ghar, Nawa. The world's a small place, just curious as to who it was.
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    About that Super soaker collection You took 6th, Chris.
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    New Piv 2 problem

    I got the deluxe edition running with vista, and I can fly around with the speed patch, but I can't do anything with the ALT key. I just hear Vista dinging in the background. I've tried running as admin but it hasn't helped.
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    Privateer 2 problem

    I'm trying to install the non-deluxe version of Priv 2 on Vista using DosBox, but I'm getting a fatal error during the install. I enter the correct information for the sound card, but when I test I get no sound. When I try to autodetect or manually enter the information for the music, it...
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    I don't know if you guys have seen this before, but it;s a nifty little game that's definetly worth checking out. If you guys want to get a PUB game started, I'd be happy to join in, though I can't host due to already having one open.
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    TacOps online

    Is there any plan to make TacOps available on the internet? I mean being able get on the net and play someone else in real-time. That or make a computer version with AI opponents. Not a ton of people to play where I live...
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    Dosbox problem

    This is a non-WC issue. If any of you have heard of an old game called Fragile Allegiance, I'm having some issues. I can get it running perfectly in Dosbox, but with one hitch- I can't continue games. If I exit the game or it crashes, I can't reopen it without an entirely new install. Obviously...
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    Silent Hunters

    I picked up Silent Hunters 3 over last week, and like with so many other things, I figured that no matter how cool it was it can be made better with lasers. I got to thinking a mod for SH making all the ship Wing Commander-y would probably be pretty fun. Heck, we have most of the resources we...
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    Accelerating my life

    I started my paperwork for enlisting in the United States Navy today, currently plowing through my clearance stuff. I'm planning on going into Special Warfare, SEALs specifically, but since I can't choose that as my initial rating I'll probably pick something in the Nuclear Program. I can't wait...
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    More LEGOs

    Decided to try my hand at building lego ships, so I'm spending my Saturday afternoon working on Capship minis. Here's the rough draft of the Murphy, I'll post more when I have them.
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    The strangest feeling...

    I was rewatching the Dark Knight last night, and I reached the part where the Joker had escaped from prison. His head was hanging out of the window in the car he was riding. The look on his face was one of pure bliss. I don't know why, but that scene makes me feel free... absolutely, completely...
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    Ship info

    I was looking through the CIC database for info on some ships, but some of the information is missing. If anyone knows the length of the Durango class destroyer, I need it. Also, I could be wrong here but I could have sworn the Tallahassee cruiser was longer the Southampton destroyer.
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    Better luck next time

    Project Redlime is Syndicate. O well...
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    My dog ran off tonight, no idea where he is. I love that beagle. Linus is the only one who doesn't make fun of me, he's happy to see me when I get home, basically everything I hate about people. Hope nothing bad happened to him. I really hope he hasn't gotten hit by a car, like my other dog...
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    PC Gamer mentions our favorite game

    In this month's PC Gamer they mentioned how EA screwed up by focusing Origin on Ultima instead of WC and Privateer. I don't have the exact article on me but I'll try to get it later.
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    Ranks and Abilities

    I read through the 0.14 rulebook, and I had to question something. A commander on a cap won't be using the same abilities as a pilot. And a 2nd Lieutenant won't have command of a carrier. Something I was thinking was the more time a captain spends with his ship, the more he knows about every...
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    Hat Poll

    What ship would you prefer. This is an addition to the other hat thread so here goes. Vote for color, too.
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    Our new 3D printer

    OK, so my PoE class just got a new 3D printer, and the teacher told us to build something with Autodesk Inventor. Now the thought crossed my mind "Hey, I could totally put a WC ship in here!" So today I'm trawling through the Ship Database to find something easy and small. I'm thinking...
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    Who's up for a game?

    Anyone feel like playing WC Homeworld sometime? Thursday is good for me, same for Wednesday after 10. Who's game?
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    Just got back into Trek

    OK, first why in in the 9 circles of HELL was Enterprise canceled? That show was bad ass. Second, I was watching "In the Mirror, Darkly" and something hit me: How can all the people be the same if there's that much killing? There's more cool stuff for me to re-discover, but right now I gotta...