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    The Ultimate Gaming Machine: Vanessa Angel or Kelly LeBrock?

    I couldn't resist. I know different eras, hard to compare, but I say Vanessa Angel ALL the way! In case no one realises, I'm talking about the Weird Science TV show against the movie.
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    MyJemm and SB Vibra 128

    Can anyone tell me what sound configuration I should use for Privateer considering I'm using MyJemm. I can't get the sound to work at all. Once I had a one second burst of voice and then nothing again. Such a shame as I want to hear New Detroit's theme again whilst playing the game. I have a...
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    Covert ops bases orbiting Kilrah

    How did they get those bases into the middle of the Kilrathi empire without the cats knowing. Those bases I'm referring to are the refuelling depots you use on the Kilrah bombing run. Seems like a logistical nightmare because they're not small!
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    WCIV Speradon missions

    Just wondering what does the Concordia class carrier have to offer in the third Speradon mission? I've knocked off all the turrets and the patrols, but still it won't give me 'mission complete'. Soon I tired of this monotony, and went for the other two missions. Just want to know what I was...
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    WC3 in Win98 (or MSDOS mode)

    Was wondering if anyone can help me get WC3 running in dos mode. For some reason mscdex wasn't being nice to me. Here are my current startup files... AUTOEXEC.bat @C:\PROGRA~1\NORTON~1\NAVDX.EXE /Startup SET BLASTER=A220 I7 D1 H7 P330 T6 SET SBPCI=C:\PROGRA~1\CREATIVE\AUDIO\DOSDRV...
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    Burger...I mean Bandit LOAF

    So where did the burger come from? It looks familiar...
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    Fighters in Privateer 2

    I was wondering if anyone noticed that Ashearer and Ecantona fighters from Privateer 2 were named after two English soccer players. I guess its something that I've been wondering about...
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    Tolwyn's silly cape in WC2

    Why did Tolwyn has that silly cape in WC2? And was he Admiral Sir Geoffrey Tolwyn? For some reason I remember that on his name plaque.
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    Paladin in the movie: not Scottish enough?

    I thought a person with a Scottish accent should've been used in the movie. At least someone with a more 'English based' accent. On the flip side I could just be stereotyping the Scots, considering in the 700 years between now and the war, the accent would have probably been homogenised with...