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    Just for the hell of it: a versus thread!

    Rules: All FS ships are FS2-era unless otherwise stated or they do not appear in FS2 Both ships start within weapons range of each other and have not launched their fighters yet Both ships can launch fighters at any time if they have fighters. Neither ship is allowed to retreat or run from...
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    WC3 ending

    I've never played WC3, so what happens when you drop that T-Bomb thing on Kilrah? Does the planet explode?
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    WC1 Kilrathi

    Is it possible to edit the game to fly a Gratha, Salthi, or Jalthi? It would be kind of interesting to fly as a furball.
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    FreeSpace to WCP conversion

    I was thinking that since Wing Commander is being ported to FreeSpace 2, why not port FreeSpace to Prophecy? First of all, can you import TrueSpace models into Prophecy or use them in any way? I do not own 3DSMax or WCP (only WC1, WC2, and a copy of WC3 that doesn't work on my computer), but...