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    Strike Commander needs EMS

    Yo, i need help. When i ran DOSbox to play Strike Commander, i ran it and it said that i needed to change the EMS (extended memory) setting from NOEMS to RAM. I can't find the config file to do this. Im running XP. I also tried to configure it in the DOSbox config, but i still can't run Strike...
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    WC1 Secret Missions 1

    Um....this might sound stupid, but is there any way of saving the Firekka from the cats? I mean Hacylon pulls the Claw out of Firekka in the end, but is there an aleternate ending?
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    Any wing commander sprites or music??

    im currently finishing this vertical scrolling shooting game (that i made with gamemaker) and i need sprites of wing commader ships. I kinda did my own drawings, but they look like turd. I also need game music. Everything else is pretty done. Oh yeah, i need a title. If you can get me some...
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    Help on mission 10

    On mission 10, when you are supposed to escort the avenger, i finish everything except bring the avenger home, i try to destroy the infinite waves of enemies but they just keep getting reeinforced. I have tried the mission three times and don't know what to do. Can anyone tell me how to beat the...
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    A bit slow...

    For some reason, UE is rather slow on my computer. It may be that my computer's slow, but Prophecy and secretops both work great. I just seems that UE is slower. Also, I kinda missed one fiction episode and i can't read the fiction cause i dun know the password for mission 2 even tho im on 6. Is...
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    cool 2-d space shooting game, reminds me of wc

    This game is pretty cool. It's called Hell Fighter. It is like wing commander because it lets you fight in battles with other pilots. It's still being updated but you can download the latest version here: . You can play multiplayer so PLAY WITH ME!!!!!! :D