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    Let's discuss Jump physics.

    I'm trying to figure out the different types of jumps in the WC Universe The jump points are accessed through buoys correct? Or are they simply mapping the point so they can find the area with the right spacial conditions? And if it's just based on spacial conditions and not the buoys...
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    Wing Commander II Enigma campaign with SO

    So I replayed the game and I just have a real sense of the game missing the mark that the first one hit and even the third one hit. This being the sense of magnitude of the war. The reason I say this is because I never get the scope or the feel of the size of the enigma campaign itself...
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    A couple of questions and a thank you.

    Special thanks to Queeg for compiling both WCIII and WCIV into films. However, this has sparked a few questions a few ChrisReid answered for me earlier, but I have a few long complex ones after watching Price of Freedom. 1. Vegabond alludes to the treatment of Border colonies by the...
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    Seattle and Pittsburgh in the superbowl

    Since I was seven, I remember being a big seahawks fan. I saw Steve Largent's final game at home in 1989. It means the whole world to the state of washington as a whole. I just remember how agonizing it has been over the last 16 years to never be better than mediocore. I watched the team draft...
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    Wing Commander fans in sin city

    I just got back from two weeks of low steaks gambling and sports betting in Reno and then Vegas and I took my 3 CIC polos with me and ran into about four people that recognized them. I'm not really sure if they just lurk here or what but everywhere I vacation I seem to meet one person who...
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    Batman TAS DVD Vol. 1 to 3

    Hey folks, I just wanted to let you know that the old batman the animated series 1992-95 turned out to be the best volume sets I have ever purchased. I am, of course biased as I really think Batman from 13 years ago set a quality standard for cartoons that has never ever been matched in...
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    6th Fleet Fan fiction

    Ok, I've been thinking of a fanfiction to write. *cough* I know you guys aren't big fans of it, but I wanted to write a fan fiction describing my own personal thoughts on the loss of the 6th fleet during the WC2 games. My questions are attempt to gather all the canon facts about what we know...
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    Old PC memories

    I remeber my first PC that I ever owned, It was 8 years ago and the specs were as follows: Pentium 133 20 megs of Ram Monte Carlo sound card Trident video card (can't remember specifics with it) CD drive 700 megs of Hard drive space Back in the days before I discoverd anything like...
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    A question about naval tactics

    I was recently watching a WWII Documentary on the History channel and they were talking about the crude beginings of formation flying and defense tactics for bombers and carriers . What I was wondering is, 1. Would current Naval Tactics be able to translate into a space navy pretty easily...
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    The timeline from KS

    The timeline of KS always intrigued me. I was wondering who wrote it , either the timeline or the manual itself. Are there raw drafts of these manuals and timelines sitting around somewhere? Is this the first issued cannon timeline in the WC universe? Also, in looking at my game boxes, WCIV...
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    NFL team picks for 2004

    Week one is in the books. I've looked over highlight footage and have my own visions for the playoffs already. I was wondering what you guys see as Playoff hopefuls and why. Although the Seahawks are my state's team, I have to say they still need to grow. Denver has got to be my AFC pick...
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    Fleet action: Time spans and the like

    I was reading fleet action and what I don't understand is Time scructure, ship speeds, and things. it seems like they don't deal too heavily in discussing just how long it takes to gather up all the forces. Can someone help me out? perhaps I missed something? -Rance-
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    Passion of the Christ

    Hey all, Most religous nuts out there are giving their take on this film I feel that I should give a balanced opinion. First, the Movie was very very violent and under no circumstances should children see this movie. Two, the movie doesn't potray Jews as the murderers of christ but spreads...
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    Forming of the terran confederation

    I have a question I have been looking for a detailied history of what creates the confederation was it war or political process and also how are elctions handled? -Rance-
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    The End of the 6th

    Does anyone know how large the 6th fleet was when it was destroyed? How much of a loss was this to confleet and do we know any specific ships that where invovled in the doomed fleet's mission -Rance-
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    choose your own adventure

    I am writing a fanfic loosely based in the WC universe and had a stroke......errr..of genious and thought what if I wrote an episodic story where the fans could choose the outcome sort of like a choose your own adventure deal I would write a chapter a month allow two weeks for voting so 6 weeks...
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    ConFleet and Money

    is there a way to caculate the cost of maintaining ConFleet? I was just wondering -Rance-
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    self-sustained WC community

    I was wondering if you guys ever thought to talk to origin about producing our own game for the community with funds provided ny the community then when the game was finished it would be consumed by the community sort of like grow your own food and eat kind of deal say we asked for a dollar a...
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    sports in WC

    Ok so I figured I should create something not stupid here on The CZ I had a though while watching the semi-finals in the NFL yesterday I hadn't heard in any of the books I have read of WC if there were any orginized sports at all either pre-war or even during does someone know if there was any...
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    Politics and Religion A dangerous game

    Today I saw that George Bush Plans to encourage 1.5 billion in tax benefits to those who get Married I believe this is Just another way of Legislating morality or what is percieved to be moral This game bush has decided to play pointing the fingers at homosexuals for the collapse of the family...