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  1. Deathsnake

    German Video - PC Player

    Back in the days of 1994! the PC Player was the first magazine with a CD-ROM and Reviews & Previews in videoformat. The Player had a Database and here i upload again the old Review of Wing Commander Armada - that Video was done in that month of Release ;) PC Player was the predecessor of the...
  2. Deathsnake

    Space Games Fanmovie 2,99 Euro to watch it or 8,99 Euro to buy it. (Film language mostly in German with English subtitles available. Additionally there is a bilingual subtitle track with English and German together.) A few german Space Nerds like us :D one in my Gamestar...
  3. Deathsnake

    Finaly - Wing Commander hits Spacedock

    Nuff said - he used the Saga Model and took Screens from the Homeworld Mod :)
  4. Deathsnake

    German Radio trys a experiment..

    The german Radio Antenne Bayern had a question from a Young Girl: "Is it possible that a chicken slips from Supermarket Bio-Eggs?" Answer Oo
  5. Deathsnake

    New Wingnut inc.!!!

    My Girlfriend has some nice News for me. My Co-Pilot is now in the 5. Month and will be Born in around December - January. What is faster? My Child or Squadron 42? :D Tear´s in my eyes :D Daddy
  6. Deathsnake


    A new spacesim is on the horizon and Need your help!!!! Starfighter Inc. is from one of the designer of X-Wing / TIE Fighter / X-Wing Alliance. Then a guy from Crytec Crysis and before Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries...
  7. Deathsnake


    A greenlight Project: Take a look at the Cover... I know that!
  8. Deathsnake

    WC4 Movie (German) 1080p

    A german fan has re-coded the DVD Edition for Wing Commander 4 and you can see the Movie in 1080p
  9. Deathsnake

    New turn-based Strategy Titel in the works

    Hi everyone. Maybe you know the game Battle Isle or Historyline 1914-1918 from Bluebyte. Thats 23 years ago. Now another german dev Team King Art works on a new titel. Battle Worlds Kronos. Its turn-based like Panzer General, HOMM, Cyberstorm or the other titles in that genre. King Art make...
  10. Deathsnake

    Lord British Unveils Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues (March 8, 2013)

    He Change his mind: Richard Garriot starts his new RPG. No its not a Facebook-Social Game. Its a RPG like Ultima : Key Features: From Lord British's Treatise on "What is an Ultimate RPG?": Fully interactive virtual world - If it looks usable, it should do something Deep original fiction -...
  11. Deathsnake

    Torment - Tides of Numenera

    Brian Fargo does it again: and... funding in 6 hours!!!! Oo GZ @ inXile
  12. Deathsnake

    Nvidia Project Shield

    Nvidia build a Android-Handheld with the new Tegra 4 CPU/GPU. This Handheld can also stream your PC games on the display or over the Handheld to your TV. On the CES 2013 they play Steamgames over the handheld on a LG 4k TV without any problems in fast fps. Here you can see the specs...
  13. Deathsnake

    Wing Commander meets Steam

    After a few trys how I can a Doxbox-Game into Steam and running just click on the button I put my other Wing Commander Games into my Steamlibary and making some pics for the Games. Now here is the result. Not all pics look nice but it all worked ;)
  14. Deathsnake

    Model question

    Hi everyone. I would like to use in the Wing Commander : Enigma 2666 a ship that we see only a few secounds in the Academy Serie: The Manasssas light Cruiser. We've got only one short pic here: I would use a fanbased story for it: Construction on the Manassas class light cruiser was begun near...
  15. Deathsnake

    Operation Serpent

    Hi everyone. My Last Line of Defence Mod is still unhold (because I don't know what shipnames Saga used to avoid two ships with the same name in 2669. Enigma is our primary objective and should be released first. In the meantime I worked on a storyline to use some WC4 Ships. I don't want to...
  16. Deathsnake

    It's Absolutely Enormous! (July 19, 2011)

    The next is a critial item. The Dreadnaught. We know from the Victory Streak it is 22.000m (22km) 280.000tons and 38 Laser Turrets. Also in the Novel "False Colors" (buy mine over Amazon from a bookstore in Oregon, it's never released in german) But on the other Side the weight are less. The...
  17. Deathsnake

    Last Line of Defence

    I put the material from Last Line in this Threat because otherwise its chaos between WC2 and LLoD status ^^ Well Last Line of Defence is playing in the WC3 Timeline. But not as the Saga Darkest Dawn in the Vega, LLoD is playing in the Enigma Sector. There's a lot of story what is not...